Approaching Healthy Eating For Kids With Stealth

Approaching Healthy Eating For Kids With Stealth

As children’s taste buds are still forming, they can get used to not liking the taste of fruit. We’ve all done this ourselves when you get fruit and vegetables in your school lunchbox, and your parents expect you to eat it, but you end up throwing it in the trash at school. This is why as parents, who know the tricks that children might pull, have to introduce fruit and vegetables to their diet without their knowledge. Making them a part of other foods, and making them inseparable, forces your children to have to consume the foods they don’t like, while they are eating foods which they do like. It’s about being inventive and always being creative with how you can make these healthier options seem like they are normal and even, more appetising than unhealthy foods.

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Homemade flapjacks

Use your standard flapjack making recipe, and infuse some fruits in it that will make eating healthy a tasty treat. With flapjacks, you can add chocolate chips, as well as little fruit chunks which have been dried and in order to eat the bits that are sweet, the fruit must also be consumed. A great option for parents who want to give their children fruits like berries, peaches and pineapples which are especially high in vitamins, but can’t think of an idea to make them fun and interesting. Children like fruit which comes in a snack form, so it doesn’t feel like it’s a punishment or chore to do. This is why fruit bars are loved by kids, as will the homemade flapjacks that you make.

Substitute the soda

Kids love sugar, just downright love it. It hits their system a lot harder, and they become full of relentless energy. But rather than something that we all know is bad for them, why not substitute this out for something that tastes just as good, but won’t give them a high and crash at the end of the day. Rather than just plain water, something that is all natural, but charged with fruity flavors would be superb for hot days out in the park or strolls on the beach with your children. Products like Hint fruit flavored water do just that because, without any harmful chemicals, the drink doesn’t taste like juice and doesn’t have the fizzy consistency of soda. You have a choice from pineapple, cherry, watermelon and blackberry which gives you a variety of flavors to choose from and children won’t get bored because of it.

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Homemade ice lollies

Making ice lollies has been something mothers have been doing since the 1960s. Not only are they simple to make but you can add fruits into them. You can make homemade lemonade, pour it into a lolly mould, and add some cut up fruits like strawberries and apples. The further your child bites and eats the lolly, the more fruit bits are exposed, and they have to be eaten in order to get further down the tasty treat.

Sometimes tricking your children into eating healthily has to be done in a stealthy manner. It’s also fun for children because their favorite foods get new flavors infused into them and they may actually build up a liking for healthier eating.


The Gizmos And Gadgets We Love In The Kitchen

The Gizmos And Gadgets We Love In The Kitchen

No twenty-first-century kitchen is complete without a plethora of amazing tech to help with the cooking. If you love healthy eating as much as we do, you might find you are often disappointed by the ranges carried by the supermarkets. No wonder more and more of us are enjoying home cooking. It offers us the food we want when we want it. No need to worry about additives, poorly sourced ingredients and unethical transport of produce.


Food processors are an essential part of home cooking and preparing foods. They can help you create the size, shape and consistency you need for a wide range of recipes including ice-cream, butter, soup, and salads. Preparing vegetables can put many people off home cooking. We simply don’t have the energy for the time and hassle it causes when we’ve been at work all day. The humble food processor comes with many attachments to make light work of all your prepping and mixing needs.

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Hand Blender

These mini blitzers can whip up a mousse, smooth out soup, whisk an egg and mash a banana smoothie. They’re really handy because they are small enough to pop away in the drawer when you’re not using them. Many parents with babies love these because you can pop in a small amount of your meal to puree for the baby. The whole device can fit into the pot or cup you’re using, then comes apart easily for washing.

Countertop Cookers

Anything that can offer a different texture or style of cooking is great when you cook for yourself. Websites like Healthy But Smart detail things like air fryers that offer a healthier way of getting that fried outer texture we all love. Single loaf bread machines are another favorite. You can control every last ingredient that goes in there, but you won’t have to mix or knead a thing! Add seeds, choose wholegrain flour, and even whip up a healthy pizza dough. Soup makers are like kettles, but they’ll whip you up a healthy veggie soup in minutes. Pick the consistency you want and enjoy your soup fresh every day.


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Microwave Oven

These are most handy if you are a fan of batch cooking. Reheating single portions is what this beauty does best. Of course, most microwave ovens come with a wealth of programs and features to cook anything and (almost) everything you could want. Yes, you can cook scrambled eggs. Yes, you can enjoy hot, freshly popped popcorn. And yes, it is possible to enjoy healthy fish dishes and meats without succumbing to food poisoning. A handy food thermometer will confirm your food is cooked throughout.

The Almighty Slow Cooker

Perhaps one of the most popular kitchen worktop appliances available today is the slow cooker. They can cost less than a week’s grocery shopping. They cost almost nothing to run (nothing at all if you use your solar panels). Best of all, there are more and more tasty recipes available to make good use of this. It’s the most convenient way of enjoying fresh, home-cooked food when you’re too busy to cook. What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?



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Delicious And Nutritious! Healthy Snacks Your Kids Won’t Be Able To Refuse

Delicious And Nutritious! Healthy Snacks Your Kids Won’t Be Able To Refuse


Do you find that it is incredibly difficult to get your kids eating healthy food? Even though they know that they should be eating it, they still won’t be able to resist something sweet and sugary! Unfortunately, that is exactly the kind of food that can cause health problems down the line. So what type of healthy snacks will kids not be able to say no to? Here are some of the best.


Nuts are packed full of power so will be able to keep your kids going until their next meal time. They are also quite dense in nutrients, which means that there is a whole lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in them. That means that kids don’t have to eat quite as many in order to reap all the benefits from their nutrients. Not only that, though, but they are high in fibre which can greatly help improve children’s digestive systems. There is a great variety of nut snacks; you can see various ones online at


Whole-Grain Cereal

If you kids get particularly hungry, don’t be worried about giving them a bowl of cereal. Just make sure that the cereal is whole grain and not too sugary! Whole-grain cereal is a great source of energy, and also full of calcium, vitamins and fibre. If you want to make your kid’s bowl of cereal even healthier, try adding a handful of berries or sliced banana as a topping!

Fresh Fruit

If your kids are asking for something sweet, you can satisfy their sweet tooth with a piece of fresh fruit. This can be anything from a banana or apple to a small bowl of chopped fruit and berries. All fruit is good for children as it provides plenty of nutritious vitamins and minerals. However, don’t just stick to one type of fruit. Make sure your kids are getting a good variety so that they are getting plenty of different vitamins and minerals. You can find out more about the most important nutrients for your kids on sites like



Milk is incredibly important for kids. It is a fantastic source of calcium, and getting enough dairy in your kid’s diet can help them bones develop and stay strong. However, it is important to remember that cow’s milk can’t be digested by babies under twelve-months-old. Once they turn twelve months, you can start giving them a calcium-rich full-fat milk. Make sure that you are incorporating dairy into their snacks as well, with foods like yogurt and cheese.


Do you find it hard to get your kids to eat fruit? Maybe you might have more success with tomatoes! You can give them to your kids whole, like an apple, or sliced. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is a great chemical for fighting against numerous cancers. So getting your kids to eat tomatoes now will certainly prepare them for the future!

Feeling hungry? Why not try one of these snacks with your kids!

Calling All Parents: It’s Much Easier Than You Would Think To Go Organic!

Calling All Parents: It’s Much Easier Than You Would Think To Go Organic!

There’s no doubt about it, eating organic foods is better for you. Various studies have shown the damage that pesticides and other additives found in foods can do to our bodies. Hence why so many people now choose to eat only organic foods. Of course, the downside to going organic is the price, or at least, that’s what a lot of people believe. However, the truth is that being an organic family doesn’t have to take the cost of your food up by much. This is especially true if you’re smart about how and where you shop.


If you love the idea of going organic but are put off by the idea of food being more expensive, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of tips and tricks for going organic on a budget, have a read and see what you think.


Be a smart shopper

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When it comes to going organic on a budget, the most important thing is to be a smart shopper. By being careful about what you buy and where you buy it from, you can help to keep your food shopping prices low. For example, meat is the most expensive organic food to buy, so aim to eat less meat. Studies show that the healthiest people eat no more than three portions of meat a week. So aim to have four plant-based meals each week and three meat-based ones. This will give your health a boost and will keep the price of your food shop low. Another way to keep food costs low is to shop locally and only buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Local shops tend to be cheaper than supermarkets. This is because the produce hasn’t had to travel far, meaning it can be sold for a cheaper price.


Grow your own produce


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One of the best ways to keep organic food costs down is to grow your own produce. It might sound like a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. Growing your own fruits and vegetables costs a fraction of the price it costs to buy them at the supermarket. Depending, of course, on what you choose to grow. Obviously, if you’re going to grow your own produce, it’s important to take it seriously. This means reading up on how to grow different fruits and vegetables, picking what you want to grow, and learning about the process. It also means investing in things like forks and spades, organic garden fertilizer, and perhaps even a greenhouse.


Take advantage of your freezer

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Lots of supermarkets now sell frozen fruits and vegetables, from spinach and sweetcorn to mango and raspberries. Instead of buying fresh, buy frozen organic produce and pop it in your freezer. This tends to work out cheaper as most frozen food is cheaper than fresh food. Another option could be to order fruits and vegetables online in bulk to cut cost and then freeze the surplus. This will help to keep food costs low. Believe it or not, going organic doesn’t have to be as difficult or costly as you would think.  


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Homemade Pizza Bites Made In a Cupcake Maker

Homemade Pizza Bites Made In a Cupcake Maker


Homemade Pizza Bites

: This is a good recipe for kids for an after school snack and perfect when you don’t want the kids to turn on the stove or oven.  I found that a cupcake maker can be used to make all sort of different things. I have made eggs in them and the kids loved them.  They come out shaped like little muffins and are easy to hold and eat.  That

recipe is here.  Anyway, I was thinking that with some fresh dough that it would be pretty easy to make little pizza bites that also are easy to hold and eat. 

I bought some fresh pizza dough from my local grocer that makes it fresh every day and some shredded mozzarella and pizza sauce. First  spray or butter the cupcake maker on the top and bottom.  Then pull a piece of dough off and smash it down flat in each cupcake spot. Put a small amount of sauce and mozzarella cheese on each piece of dough and shut the top for about 4 minutes. When you see the bottom get brown then they are done.  Most kids are that picky about their pizza so it doesn’t have to look perfect.  Below are pictures of how mine turned out.

homemade pizza bites

homemade pizza bites















Before baking                                                                                                                                                 <















homemade pizza bites

homemade pizza bites





Healthy Breakfast To Kick Start Your Day

Healthy Breakfast To Kick Start Your Day


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Breakfast is one of, if not the, most important meal of the day. The phrase comes from breaking the fast that we have had since we have been sleeping. Therefore it’s crucial to get something healthy and nutritious into our breakfast meal, so we can start the day as we mean to go on. If we eat a heavy or greasy breakfast, we often feel the effects a couple of hours later. But if we pick something healthy and beneficial to our systems we will have much more energy to take us through to lunchtime. Check out the ideas below for some healthy breakfast ideas. And check out my recipes on the blog for lots more inspiration too.

Cereals And Oats

Choose cereals and oats for healthy breakfast options. You can make things like three-grain porridge, which you can prepare and store for up to six months, So not only is it healthy, but also time saving too. Three-grain porridge consists of toasted oatmeal, spelt and barley. And you will just need to add milk or water for a super charged nutritious breakfast. If you’re a cereal kind of girl, always try and choose a healthy option rather than a sugar filled one. That means no Lucky Charms or Coco Pops! Go with granola, muesli and honey puffs for a more healthy option.  Eating whole grains and cereal fibers can reduce the risks of diabetes, some cancers and also heart disease. So you don’t need to scrap the cereal altogether. You just need to train your brain to ditch the sugar.


Smoothies make a great choice for breakfast if you are in a rush or on-the-go. They can also be prepared the night before if time is very short. Having a smoothie for breakfast is a great way to fill up on your fruit and vegetables for the day. Some great blends include spinach, coconut and grape. Or for more of a treat raspberry and your favourite nut butter. Other ones we love are ginger berry and oat smoothies and a strawberry flax smoothie. Buy a good recipe book for smoothies or check out inspiration boards on Pinterest for myriad recipes to try.

Bigger Breakfasts

If it comes to the weekend and you know you are prone to indulging in a greasy fry up or pancakes and maple syrup, try not to! Once you break the habit, you’ll feel a whole lot healthier. There are many nutritious options you can choose that aren’t laden with grease or sugar, but are still equally filling. For starters, basil scrambled eggs with wilted spinach and seared tomatoes tastes delicious for a lazy weekend breakfast. And poached eggs with broccoli and tomatoes on flatbread is another great choice for a filling but healthy breakfast. Don’t dismiss eggs as a good base for a filling breakfast as they are a fantastic source of protein. Scrambled eggs and salmon is a lovely refreshing breakfast that gets in a lot of protein and will keep you going until late lunch. This recipe also makes for a super Sunday brunch.

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