7 Reasons We Should Switch To An Organic Mattress

7 Reasons We Should Switch To An Organic Mattress

When it comes to health benefits and comfort, organic mattresses and traditional mattresses are as different as lilies and thorns. Organic mattresses are gaining popularity over traditional mattresses as they offer both, the health and environmental conservation benefits. Why should we switch to organic mattress? Here is why:

Just like organic foods, organic mattresses are natural and healthy
If you have been conscious of your health and well-being, you probably could be ordering organic foods in the groceries store; organic mattresses are their equivalent when it comes to sleeping options. When it comes to the manufacture of mattresses, makers of organic mattresses avoid adding chemicals and other potentially harmful synthetic materials onto the mattresses. Instead, the mattresses are made of organic wool and organic latex among other organic materials. The exact way organic fruits are free from pesticide and fertilizer residues, organic mattresses don’t have chemicals that are often found in traditional mattresses. For instance, organic wool and organic cotton are the two commonly used padding materials in organic mattresses which have a natural source. These raw materials are also mechanically processed, thus eliminating the need to use toxic substances that may be detrimental to the human health. As a result, therefore, you will be more protected from respiratory diseases, skin irritation and neurological diseases which are often associated with the chemicals used in the manufacture of traditional mattresses.
It is also important to note that some organic mattress brands do use materials that are not entirely organic but are more natural than those found in traditional mattresses.

Flammability factor and toxic materials
All mattresses manufactured or entering the United States are required to pass flammability tests before being sold out to consumers. Mattress makers employ different mechanisms of passing the tests. One ingenious way traditional mattress makers use to pass the test is to add fire retardants such as brominated stuffing, antimony, boric acid and chlorinated foams which are all toxic and can cause reactions to some people. Besides, such fire retardants have been found to be leading causes of kidney problems, neurological diseases, and respiratory complications.
Organic mattresses have a better way of passing fire tests. Instead of adding toxic fire retardants, makers of these mattresses use wool layers, Kevlar and inert fiberglass among other non-toxic materials that help the mattress pass the fire tests. As a result, organic mattresses are not only good for your health but also help keep the environment clean.

Organic mattresses support sustainable manufacturing and farming
Every time you purchase an organic mattress, bear in mind that you are supporting sustainable production processes. It starts with the farmer. Cotton and latex rubber growers strive not to use pesticides and fertilizers that might add unwanted toxic elements in the final harvest. The organic mattress manufacturers use the harvested cotton and rubber to make healthy and environmental friendly mattresses. This is a great way of encouraging sustainable production, healthy lifestyles, and a lively planet.

Less overheating and Sweating
One pressing problem with traditional memory foam mattresses is that they tend to trap body moisture. This is why you often feel hot, sweaty and sticky while using your traditional mattress for sleep. The blame is shared equally on the coverings and material used to make the mattress. For instance, plenty of traditional mattresses have plastic polyesters and other synthetic foams incorporated into them. These materials aren’t porous enough to help circulate air. As a result, your skin’s pores would have nowhere to breathe and release the sweat. That’s why sleeping on a traditional mattress could make you feel like as though you’re roasting or you are in a sauna right on your bed!
Organic mattresses are less of a problem when it comes to temperature regulations. The cotton used in organic mattresses is great for your skin pores and helps keep you cool. Horsehair and wool are often mixed with cotton to act as natural wicking fibers. Lying on an organic mattress at night, therefore, keeps your body at the right temperature, humidity and circulates air to keep you comfortable.

Organic mattresses last longer and save you money
Frankly, organic mattresses are a little expensive compared to traditional mattresses. But they are a great investment whose returns can be felt for a long time. Organic mattresses have a longer warranty, retain support and feel good for a longer time compared to traditional mattresses. Over the lifespan of a typical organic mattress, you can buy and replace several other traditional mattresses. In these days of cost-cutting and saving every penny at any slightest opportunity you get, buying an organic mattress is the best thing that can ever cross your mind.

Organic mattresses guarantee a worry-less sleep and comfortable rest
Imagine lying on a mattress that isn’t pumping carcinogenic vapors into your lungs. Lying on organic mattresses removes the health worries that are brought about with traditional mattresses. Worry can affect the quality of sleep you can get. The safety of organic mattress, therefore, gives you fewer things to worry about and makes you sleep longer.

More importantly, they are denser
The density of a mattress has a profound impact on its durability and comfort. A typical organic mattress with just 5.4 pounds in density can last between 40 and 50 years. A traditional mattress of similar density will last far less than that and won’t have such texture for comfort.

Would You Give Your Kid CBD Oil?

Would You Give Your Kid CBD Oil?

Image Credit: Pixabay

Would You Give Your Kid CBD Oil?

Many people feel worried about how much attention that hemp oil has been getting in the realm of medicine. But, the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of reasons why many parents are actually fighting for their children to be able to utilize CBD (hemp) oil as a part of their treatment plans. Why would parents want to give their kids CBD oil?

Here are a few of the reasons that this has started to get a lot of attention recently.

Helps to keep seizures under control.There are many children who end up having severe seizures. They may end up having them many times a day, which can be painful and traumatic for everyone that is involved. That being said, American Hemp Oil actually plays a really big role in helping children and adults alike be able to deal with their seizures in a healthy way. For many children, it can be a lifeline to a “normal” life with fewer seizures.

Reduces anxiety and panic attacks.There has always been a lot of talk about how much hemp oil helps children and adults with anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety disorders are becoming more prominent in our society and, as a result, there are more children that are getting diagnoses at a younger age. Hemp oil helps the brain to calm down to a point where children can work through their thoughts and feelings associated with anxiety and panic attacks.

Helps to prevent involuntary spasms, including self-injury and the like, in autistic children.Many autistic children have some sort of involuntary spasm or muscle twitch that can be difficult to try and deal with. Hemp oil actually helps the nervous system to relax and, as a result, you will find that it is that much easier to help keep the self-injury and such under control.

Helps to reduce ADHD symptoms. ADHD can be a real struggle for many different children of all ages. Because of that, there are a lot of different treatments out there. If you have been looking for a natural way to deal with your child’s ADHD symptoms, hemp oil can help your child to focus better without using Adderall or something similar in order to get that effect. That means that you’re giving your child something natural and not addictive.

All in all, there is a lot of research that is related to the world of Hemp Oil. There are so many different types of medicine out there that it can be anxiety-inducing to figure out what your child is going to be able to take and what they may not be able to take. Something that is entirely natural and that has been proven to be safe is very helpful for you and what you want to be able to do to help your kids. Talking to a doctor about your options in this regard could be a great way to help your kids get the help that they need and deserve.

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 4 Year-Round Common Allergens and How to Combat Them

 4 Year-Round Common Allergens and How to Combat Them

Indoor allergens can cause problems for your family year-round. Chronic sinus inflammation, skin issues, or even behavioral problems can often be attributed to allergies, and the symptoms can interfere with the quality of your sleep and your daily life. If you want to control your symptoms without the side effects of medication, you’ll need to eliminate the source of the problem. Here are the most likely culprits and some tips for combatting them.

Dust and Dust Mites



Image via Flickr by tinafranklindg
One of the most common, and often overlooked, sources of allergy symptoms is probably collecting around your baseboards and on top of your window frames. Dust is made up of minuscule bits of plants, dirt, fibers, insects, skin, and other matter, any one of which could be triggering your allergies. Dust mites are tiny creatures that thrive in dust, and their droppings are the most common source of asthma and allergy symptoms. They love dead human skin flakes and humidity and tend to settle in your bedding and rugs. 
The biggest step to combat dust in your home is encasing your mattress and pillows in dust-proof covers. Keep dust down by washing your bedding regularly and vacuuming rugs thoroughly with a HEPA vacuum. Have your ducts professionally cleaned to remove any dust mite nests lurking there, treat your drapes and upholstery with a dust mite treatment, and install a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture content in your indoor air. 

Pet Dander
Contrary to popular belief, pet dander is not animal hair, but a protein that comes from the pet’s saliva. It’s a sticky substance that coats the hair and can also cling to people’s clothing and shoes, so dander is often present even in homes without pets.
If you are allergic to your best friend, there are some ways to minimize your suffering. Keep pets out of your bedroom and restrict them to rooms without carpeting if possible. Bathe your pets often and wash your hands after touching them. If you can’t keep your animals off your upholstered furniture, at least give them towels to lie on and wash those frequently. 

Preventing mold is mostly a matter of controlling moisture in your home. Repair leaks promptly, waterproof your basement if necessary, and keep your gutters in good repair. Fix any ventilation issues that cause moisture to collect in your bathrooms or kitchen. Encourage airflow throughout your home by opening doors and installing ceiling fans as needed. If your home is prone to mold or mildew issues, a dehumidifier would be a good investment. 

Like dust mites, the real problem with cockroaches is the droppings, which contain a protein that is a common allergen. If you choose not to use chemicals to control cockroaches, you can discourage them by sealing up cracks in walls, cabinets, doors, and cupboards. Take your trash out often and keep the kitchen floor clean of crumbs and spills that might feed them. 
Controlling allergens in your home can feel daunting at first, but once you’ve tackled a few initial tasks, the maintenance work will be fairly simple. 

3 Easy DIY Kitchen Projects

3 Easy DIY Kitchen Projects

The kitchen is the heart of the home. For most people, this is a universal gathering place where friends and family come together several times a day. A space that’s both functional and welcoming will draw everyone in and give them a warm place to eat, work, socialize, and share. The right DIY projects can transform your standard kitchen into something really special. Consider these intriguing options.

Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash

Image via Flickr by B*2
Updating your backsplash will instantly add color and interest to your kitchen. Thanks to handy peel and stick tiles, you can add a DIY backsplash with minimal time and effort. Just measure your space and cut the peel and stick tiles to fit. Remove the backing and lay the tiles gently against the wall. Don’t press until you’re sure of the placement, as these forgivable tiles allow you to remove and reposition them twice if needed.
Once your tiles are firmly in place, finish the project by squeezing grout on a float and applying it to the backsplash in a diagonal motion. Push grout into the joints, moving first in one direction then in the opposite diagonal. Wipe the area down with a sponge and you’re finished!

Rolling Bar Cart
Homeowners who love to entertain will adore the idea of a handy rolling bar cart. You can build a bar cart to your personal specifications using lengths of lumber for vertical supports and laminated pine panels for shelves. Easily customizable, you can build your cart to fit in any nook or corner, no matter the size.
A slatted shelf will create grooves that nestle wine bottles. Hardware like hooks, glass holders, and cabinet pulls will help you store everything from wine glasses to dish towels. Rolling casters on the bottom make the cart a movable fixture so you can take the party to the porch, living room, or elsewhere in the house.

Bright and Cheerful Shelving
Shelving is a functional necessity in your kitchen, but it can also make a bold statement about your style. Put your dinnerware on display by replacing solid cabinet doors with glass paneled ones, or removing the doors altogether. Brighten up your shelves by applying wallpaper to the back or the cabinet, painting the interior, or sticking patterned washi tape to the front of the shelves, or any combination of the three.
You can make the items inside your bright cabinet a bit more eye-catching as well. Use porcelain paint to turn mugs and dishes into works of art. Use chalkboard paint or a chalkboard label on snack and spice jars for a charming touch that also boosts your organization. Your everyday items can become a cheerful and homey display with these easy tricks.

The kitchen has a natural allure that draws people in to this gathering place. Whether it’s the promise of good company or the warm spicy smell of a mouth-watering dinner that draws you in, it’s almost impossible to resist the pull. Give your kitchen a fun, festive atmosphere in any season with these attractive updates.

5 Ways To Save Money On Toys For Your Children

5 Ways To Save Money On Toys For Your Children

Children’s toys are expensive. Between holidays and birthdays the cost of toys can get pretty high. Children learn through play but this does not mean that a parent has to spend a fortune purchasing toys. There are some ways to save money on toys even popular toys.

Make Your Own Toys

There are many items around the household that can be used to make toys. A puppet can be made from some old socks and loose bu?ons. Paper towel rolls can be used to build a castle or to make an airplane. There are a number of household items that can be used to make toys. Not only will this save money butit will give the child a chance to express their creativity.

Use Coupons and Promo Codes

Coupons are a great way to save money. You can take advantage of coupon search engines like Mamma.com. It’s a deal website which allows you to search for coupons on all of your favorite online retailers. A great habit to get into when shopping for your kids is to look for a coupon before making any purchase online.

Purchase Used Toys

There are a number of used toys that can be purchased online or at a thrift store. They are much less expensive than brand new toys. Many toys can be wiped down with a rag and sanitized before the child plays with them. There are many online stores where a parent can find used toys for cheap.

Exchange Toys

A person can set up toys swap groups with friend or form a group for parents in the area. Children may become bored with their toys and enjoy something new to play with. Children may outgrow the toys before they wear out as well. Switching toys will allow children the chance to experience new things without costing the parents money. It is also a great way to get children to socialize with others.

Sell Old Toys

Once the child outgrows and toy and it is still in good condition it can be sold. The toy can be sold at a yard sale or even online. The money that is made from these toys can be used towards the purchase of new toys.

These are just some of the ways that a parent can save money on toys. Toys are expensive but they are for more than just entertainment. The child can use these toys for mental growth and development. These “tips will help a parent save money on toys without their child missing out on the play

How To Make Your Own Compost Bin

How To Make Your Own Compost Bin

Composting, or using organic waste as fertilizer instead of sending it to the landfill, is a huge benefit and a natural way to improve our environment. Instead of burning trash or sending it to the many landfills that cause toxic waste, it is much more beneficial to use it as fertilizer in a garden or planting/forest area.

Why the waste?

Up to one-fourth of all landfill waste could have been used for compost or put back into the soil. This is huge to think about how a natural solution can help the earth we live on and can save the health of many in our world. Putting the organic waste back into the soil will help create nutrient rich soil and it also greatly improves the production of edible plants and food to eat.
The infamous problem of the greenhouse gases could be greatly reduced through composting. Landfills are one of the leading causes of the problem of toxic methane gases which erode at our air and cause health problems for many.

A healthier and more natural alternative to burning trash, which creates toxic air:

  • The composting of organic materials will allow for better air quality.
  • Fertilizer also acts as a natural pesticide, thereby drastically cutting the harmful effects of chemical pesticides which are deadly.

Less soil erosion

  • This is crucial, as a huge amount of the earth’s soil has been dried of all vital nutrients. What this leads to is our water sources becoming polluted, so this sheds light on how important it is to have good soil, as this leads to a healthy water source which is vital to life.

Making your own compost bin with style
Now that you know the crucial, life-giving reasons for transferring your trash to compost, let’s explore how to make your own compost bin! While it may take a little effort, there are options and the results will more than make up for your time.
It can be simple or complex; you can even make your compost bin from recycled and re-useable materials for an even greener approach to this natural solution!

Different Style Bins for Every Need

  • Plastic Container Option for those interested in smaller sized compost bin or to test it out
  • You can use a plastic storage container for your compost bin if you are not ready to commit to a full sized compost bin. This is an easy project that will give you a compost bin to use in a very short time. The bin needs a lid and if it is possible, you can use two lids to prevent the liquid from spilling out that could be used to add nutrients to the soil.
  • Prepare the bin by drilling holes in it.
    There needs to be air circulating to help the waste decompose at a more rapid rate. They can be any size as long as they are 1-2 inches apart. Drill the holes on all sides, as well as on the bottom and on the lid itself too.
  • Choose a convenient spot for your compost bin
    This is a smaller sized bin, so you can choose where it best fits with your purposes and preferences. If you don’t have an outside garden area, you can put it on your patio, porch or balcony. You can put it right outside your kitchen door if space allows or near your vegetable garden so that as you weed and trim, you can throw the waste right in. If you want it out of the way and out of sight, the garage or storage shed may be the right place.
  • Wire Mesh Only Bin
    All you need is what the title says! Roll up your wire mesh bin and use wooden stakes for its shape. Use string ties or wire to connect the ends together.
  • Enclosed Wooden Compost Bin
    David Gleason’s elegant handmade style is one sure to please any craftsman or craftswoman. With classic red cedar, this bin looks sharp and also is highly functional. A simple frame design allows for space for air to be evenly distributed throughout the unit. The other hardware you will need includes gate hinges and deck screws.
    Two separate containers will be needed to make this bin. Make sure the single lid has enough spacing between each slat for the water to go through. Reinforce the wooden slat with an additional slat to be sure the weight is evenly distributed. Finally, use a cord or chain to secure the bin if you’d prefer an easier way to connect the lid with the frame.

How to use and maintain your new bin!

  • Start using and filling the bin
    Think of your bin as a regular compost pile. You can throw in leaves, weeds, egg shells or fruit and vegetable peels. You can also add weeds from the garden or coffee grounds or tea bags or grass clippings after mowing the lawn.
  • Check and maintain the bin
    Be sure not to let the bin get out of control. Every couple of days or so, you can check it and give it a quick shake to ensure it is getting enough air. If the waste inside is too moist or wet and starts to cause an odor, you can simply add dry grass clippings, leaves, weeds or dry shredded newspaper. If it becomes too dry, you can add fruit or vegetable remains or a spray bottle to add a little moisture. Balance out the dry and moist things added to the bin for a simple method of upkeep.

Using your bin for harvest

The best way to get the nutrient rich soil you are after is to run the contents through a compost sifter. This will prevent large pieces from getting in the way and can be removed from the finished compost and placed back into the bin. Once the compost is refined and crumbly, it will appear dark and can be used to add the much needed nutrients to the soil in your planting area outside.

The reasons for choosing to compost and send organic waste back to the soil are apparent and crucial; this is a life-altering decision as it can save lives and create a safer, healthier and greener earth for us all. There are a variety of options for every preference and style to create what works for you! Now that you have chosen the best bin and know the steps to create what works for you and how to maintain it, it’s time to get started to a greener world and it begins with this first step!


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