• What exactly is Organic?
    Organic literally means, “relating to or derived from living matter”. So, when we talk about eating
    organic foods, there is the understanding that there are no artificial ingredients added to the foods.
    However, grocers and manufacturers cannot just label foods as organic without getting certification.
    Certification Requirements
    There are a few things that must be met before the USDA grants certification. Only the USDA can grant
    legal certification in the US. Overall, a certifying agent comes to the farm or manufacturing location to
    review the system plan and see it in action. They create a report to take back and have a team review. If
    the plan is a viable one and is primarily made of living matter, then the product should receive
    What is truly fascinating is that while most of us think of food when we want organic, lots of products are
    organic in nature to respond to folks who want to lower their carbon footprint or choose to go organic for
    ethical reasons.
    Organics in the Bedroom
    We spend as much time in the bedroom as we do our kitchen. It’s no wonder some companies have
    focused, or expanded, their product lines to the bedroom. You can outfit your bedroom with an organic
    natural mattress, cover it with organic cotton sheets, and top it with an organic comforter. You can then
    dress the windows in organic hemp curtains. Using organic bedding products can help with allergies,
    exposing your body to less toxins, and better overall sleep.
    Living Matter in the Bathroom
    Plenty of folks are buying organic bath bombs and shampoos, so why not grab some organic bamboo or
    cotton towels? Think it stops there? Nope! You can also get organic shower curtains for the shower. And
    you can keep your bathroom tidy with your all natural organic cleaners!
    Natural Furniture in the Living Room
    Our forefathers and mothers knew organic when they built our homes and furniture from local lumber
    that they either chopped down themselves or had someone they knew do it for them. After a while,
    furniture building became a process that used man made materials. It doesn’t last nearly as long but made
    furniture affordable as we lost the skills to make our own furniture. No worries, natural furniture is
    making a comeback! With plenty of tables, settees, sofas, and chairs, it’s easy to work your way into a
    more organic lifestyle. Care for those options with organic furniture polishes and cleaners.
    Floor Coverings That Mom Will Love
    For those that love taking care of Mother Earth, there are also floor coverings that can help warm the toes
    and protect the floors. Carpets and area rugs made of natural and organic products are becoming easier to
    find as time goes by. No worries about taking care of them either, there are plenty of organic carpet
    cleaners to avoid long lasting stains or ground dirt.
    Eat Organic Off Organic
    While we will think of foods and organic dish soap being stored in the kitchen, we can now include
    organic dishware to the list. Stores, such as World Market, are slowly adding dish sets that are made of
    organic materials so that you can eat your organics off organic material.
    As we become more conscious of our presence on Earth and how we affect our natural home, organic
    products will rise and grow in popularity. In ten years, we have seen substantial growth in organic
    products being made available. That number can only grow in the future as we add more products and
    encourage more families to adopt a more organic lifestyle