It’s fair to say that the threat of home invasion is a major one for every family. The idea of losing your possessions and having your home be raided by thieves is one that sends a shiver down even the sternest of spines.

Technology has allowed us to make our homes safer than ever, of course. We can all take our time selecting the best from, installing it, then sitting back and feeling more secure in our home. A good home security system is essential, but it needn’t be the only way you keep your home as safe as possible.

Sometimes, the oldest methods for home protection still have a lot to offer in the modern world. For example, the plants we choose for our gardens. If you choose the right plants and shrubs, then a burglar won’t want to tangle with them, instead moving on to other, less-well-protected homes. While these plants cannot replace your overall home security system, they can enhance it.

So which burglar-terrifying plants should you be selecting for your yard?


Creeping Juniper



Also known as Juniperus horizontalis, this progressive and extremely prickly plant is perfect to cover areas that a burglar might see as an entry point — and its green/blue shades look pretty good too. For extra decorative appeal, the female plants produce berries — though you wouldn’t want to eat them!




Ask anyone to think of a prickly plant they wouldn’t want to wade through, and holly would probably be number one on the list. Holly is synonymous with Christmas, but actually needs to be planted in spring for the best results. If you want berries, you’ll need to plant a female holly close to male bushes — this guide will ensure you can tell them apart. Best of all, any burglar that sees this easily-identifiable plant in their way is going to swiftly change direction.




Not only are blackberries delicious, they also grow on prickly, painful shrubs that are easy to grow. As with holly, another benefit of blackberries is that most of us can recognize a blackberry plant, so any burglars will know they should turn in the opposite direction. Blackberry shrubs usually grow wild, but they’re easy to grow by hand and turn into a garden-protecting force to be reckoned with.





Every rose has its thorn, and it’s the thorn that is going to keep burglars away from your home. Most of us know roses for their beauty, but there’s no denying their appeal when it comes to keeping burglars firmly on the outside looking in. A good option is climbing roses which you can train over gates, fences, and even the wall of your home, perfect to prevent burglars from leaping a fence to gain access to your property.

Planting any of the above will guarantee that your house is unattractive to burglars, helping to ensure your house is as safe as it can possibly be — so you and your family can sleep easier.


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