50 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

Are your kids becoming restless in the house? You should consider allowing them to play outdoors. This will change the atmosphere, allow the kids to interact with friends and learn new things.
Currently, there is a tone of outdoor activities and games for kids today. You can also find the most appropriate outdoor activity for you and your kid; hence spend some time with him or her outside the house.

If you are short of outdoor activities for your kid, here are some that you should consider:

1.Texture Scavenger Hunt – to do this, you should wrap differently textured items in opaque bags, have the kid close his or her eyes and then go out to search for an item that has the same texture as the one wrapped in the bag.

2.Making a jumping rope and playing with it

3.You may have the kids play Sponge Bull’s-eye

4.Making a sandbox with a lid and playing in it

5.Bubble Blowing – making and playing around with bubbles is an interesting outdoor activity for toddlers. To make a bubble solution, mix 3 tablespoonfuls of glycerin with a cup of dish soap in a gallon of water.

6.Playing angry birds by throwing water balloons at each other

7 .Placing crayons in the sun to melt

8 Jumping through a functional sprinkler

9 Jumping in puddles

10,Having a family lunch outside your house

11.Gardening – Most kids love digging in dirt, hence gardening is not such a bad idea. In this case, you can have the kid plant trees, flowers or vegetables or even uproot weeds in the garden.

12.You can have the kid help you collect apples

13.Making bird feeders and using them to feed birds

14.Bird watching

15.Playing Volleyball – older kids may play volleyball on their own with their friends. If the child is too young to play organized volleyball, you may throw the ball high and have the kid catch it.

16.Flying a Drone – Believe it or not, flying a drone is not just for adults. There are specific drones that are made for kids. Although they won’t be packed with the best possible features, they are still fun and safe to fly.

17.Making treasure hunt maps and hiding several items in the compound then leaving the kid to follow the map and uncover the hidden items.

18.fly swatters painting

19.Have the children play Bossy Ball

20. Have the child walk the dog

21.Riding a bike around the neighborhood

22.Making and Using Hula hoops – Hula hoop hop is among the most favorite games for many kids today. In this case, the hoops are lined up and the kids are required to hop into the middle of each of the hoops with both feet. Having the kids make their hula hoops can be even more interesting for them.

23.Playing soccer outside – this is particularly interesting for young boys who can kick a ball

24.Making water tables and playing with them

25. Making water balloons and playing with them

26. Book reading under trees outside your home

27.Playing the little cleaner – since kids love playing with water, this will keep them busy outside the house. Just fill a bucket with water and some baby shampoo. You should then leave the kids to wash their bikes and toys.

28.Making and playing with a Hopscotch – to make this more interesting, use colored chalk

29.Making a Fairy Home – for older girls, making a fairy home can be fun. In this regard, the kid can collect building materials like stones, moss, bark and leaves and then piece them together using glue.

30. Climbing trees and walls – this should be a supervised outdoor activity to ensure that the kids do not fall off and hurt themselves.

31. Painting on the rocks in your compound using water colors

32. Nature Scavenger hunting

33.Leave the kids to dig in dirt

34. Have the kids catch and release frogs

35. Hanky Game – this game involves several kids forming a circle, with all of them seated, except the one holding the hanky. The one with the hunky should then run around the seated kids and drop it behind one without notifying them. The player should then race around them to the position he or she dropped the hanky without being noticed.

36. Using the old sheets in your home to make art

37. Using PVC pipes to make a sprinkler and playing with it

38. Have the children play ‘Firefly Flashlight’

39. Racing with their feet inside potato sacks

40.Swimming – This is something almost all kids love today. Swimming is not only a fun outdoor activity for kids; it also relaxes and refreshes their minds and bodies.

41.Holding a clothesline art show with their friends

42.Bug hunting

43.Tug Of War – When playing in groups, this is an interesting outdoor activity for children. In this regard, the kids need to have a long rope. They should then draw a line and have two teams pull on either side of the rope, trying to get the other team across the drawn line.

44. Hula Hoop Freeze

45. Playing Bat The Balloon

46. Carrying out a Photo Opp with your kid in the garden

47. Wagon rides around the neighborhood

48. Making marble lunch

49. identifying shapes in the clouds

50. Park Hopping

Our Final Say
You may be looking for an activity that will just keep your child happy and occupied outside the house. However, the various outdoor activities for kids mentioned above will also help with their mental development and physical fitness.