This is from an email I received today from HSI ALERT. watch the your tube video I have included. Pass this video on to anyone you know with daughters.

What’s a poor, concerned drug company to do?

After all, they made the vaccine, lobbied hard to get people to inject their daughters with it, and made up catchy jingles sung by smiling ‘tweens. Yet still, not “enough” girls are lining up for their Gardasil shots.

Fret not! Dr. Matt Daley–a pediatrician–has an idea for increasing the number of girls who are vaccinated with Gardasil, Merck’s HPV vaccine.

He told NPR they should be vaccinated at school. He said: “Kids are there, and they are there every day. They are a captive audience.”

Does he have any idea how completely scary that sounds? Trap them in school where they can be subdued and inoculated?

Of course, this solution supposes that the only reason nearly 90 percent of all eligible girls have not received a Gardasil vaccine is because the girls are just so elusive. As if they’re wild horses, nearly impossible to chase down and lasso.

Dr. Daley seems to miss the point that most girls don’t make the decision about whether or not to get the shot– their parents do. And clearly, parents are weighing the considerable risks and expense on one hand against the feeble efficacy on the other, and figuring out that there’s only one certainty about Gardasil: It makes a lot of money for Merck.

Shooting at bees

Dr. Daley’s bright idea for increasing Gardasil numbers comes out of a discussion prompted by this question posed in an NPR report: Should boys also get vaccinated for HPV?

Well, the FDA has already rubber stamped this one with a big YES. Last year, Gardasil was approved for use in boys and men, ages nine through 26, to prevent genital warts.

Dr. Doug Lowy also answers the question with a YES.

No surprise there. Dr. Lowy is the co-inventor of Gardasil, so I expect he stands to reap generous rewards if many thousands of kids are given his vaccine every year.

Here’s his train of thought in the NPR report: Only 11 percent of eligible girls are getting all three doses of Gardasil. That’s not going to lower HPV rates very much. So let’s give it to boys because then they’ll be less likely to transmit HPV to girls.

Less likely, maybe, but not guaranteed. And that’s how it goes with this insane vaccine. It’s touted as a way to reduce rates of cervical cancer, but it’s like using a shotgun on a swarm of bees. You might hit a few, but the swarm goes on.

The most disturbing thing about the Gardasil-for-boys question is that we don’t yet know if the drug is as dangerous for boys as it is for girls. Many girls vaccinated with Gardasil have experienced dizziness, fainting, convulsions, paralysis, and seizures. Nearly 50 girls died after their vaccinations, although the FDA claims there’s no proof Gardasil was the cause.

No proof. You’re the parent of a teenage boy–you’re wondering if you should spend $400 to have him vaccinated so he MIGHT avoid genital warts–and the FDA tells you there’s no “proof” that Gardasil has taken the lives of dozens of young women.

So…how do you feel about that? Should YOUR boy get vaccinated for HPV?

Girl or boy–same answer–just say no.

And trying to trap your kids in school and forcefully vaccinate them is just the latest in a string of dictatorial ways of getting them on Gardasil. You can discover all the underhanded ideas and find more information about Gardasil dangers in this video I made last year.

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