When I tell people I get acupuncture done some think it’s a little kooky but I guess I am a little but who cares. For years I have been going to an acupuncturist for different things from anxiety to sinus issues, colds, whatever. About 1 1/2 years ago I started bring my then 10 year old son for anxiety and ADD. We always knew he was a little ADD but not until this year we actually had him tested. When he was in 1st grade the school he went to was constantly complaining to my husband and I that he never paid attention and was not getting his work done. Then they made the almighty suggestion of “bring him to the doctor and putting him on medicine” We told them that was NEVER going to happen. They were relentless and were not going to give up but we continued to refuse. They admitted he was not a disruption to class. (it would just make their job easier) We ended up changing schools (we couldn’t run out of there fast enough) and I changed his diet. It helped a little but it wasn’t till this year that we got to the root of the problem. We had him tested and found out he is dyslexic. Since starting acupuncture for him he is a new child. Anxiety is gone and there is no problem at night getting him to sleep in his room by himself. He is not getting all A’s by any means but he is trying. We know he is not going to be a rocket scientist but he will do well. I can honestly say that if it was not for acupuncture we would still be having anxiety issues and sleeping issues with him. He is continuing the acupunture and he actually enjoys it,it relaxes him. I told the acupuncturist he is dyslexic and he said he can help him with that. I think he probably will. If any of you are having any of these issues with your children I highly recommend it. (and it doesn’t hurt) I think it works for almost everything. Let me know what you think, have any of you tried it for your children or yourself?

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