My daughter and I were able to try out the Farfaria reading app for children and I want to share what it’s about and how it works.  Farfaria is a app you can download on iTunes and then for a 3.99 monthly fee your child can read over 700 books and 5 new books are added each week.  It’s a perfect bedtime reading app.  I feel reading apps are great for the reluctant reader and also to develop the love for reading.  A child who doesn’t like to read is more willing to read a book off a iPad or something similar than an actual book because it catches and keeps their attention.  They will love to find a new book to read.  The illustrations are high quality and colorful. This app is ideal for summer reading. My daughter love the app and found a lot of books to read.  She loved the illustrations too.  IF you are looking for a good reading app that is inexpensive Farfaria is perfect.  At $3.99 with so many titles to choose from you can’t beat it.

You can see a demo here



The books age range is from ages 2-9  Some of the features of the Farfaria app are:


  • Unlimited reading from our library of more than 600 stories.
  • Five new, engaging stories added every week.
  • Interactive experience is fun for kids and easy for parents
  • Every story can be read aloud with a Read-to-Me feature.
  • Reading-level badge on every story cover.
  • Offline access to read Favorite stories
  • No advertising. No hidden fees.

Why do kids read five times more with FarFaria?

  • Over 700 fun and educational books to choose from.
  • Reading levels help build confidence in reading and comprehension.
  • Child-friendly navigation that is fun and easy to use.
  • Educational math and science stories that stimulate young minds.


Visit for more info and you can also find FarFaria on ITunes and Google Play