As children’s taste buds are still forming, they can get used to not liking the taste of fruit. We’ve all done this ourselves when you get fruit and vegetables in your school lunchbox, and your parents expect you to eat it, but you end up throwing it in the trash at school. This is why as parents, who know the tricks that children might pull, have to introduce fruit and vegetables to their diet without their knowledge. Making them a part of other foods, and making them inseparable, forces your children to have to consume the foods they don’t like, while they are eating foods which they do like. It’s about being inventive and always being creative with how you can make these healthier options seem like they are normal and even, more appetising than unhealthy foods.

Source Kathryn Cartwright

Homemade flapjacks

Use your standard flapjack making recipe, and infuse some fruits in it that will make eating healthy a tasty treat. With flapjacks, you can add chocolate chips, as well as little fruit chunks which have been dried and in order to eat the bits that are sweet, the fruit must also be consumed. A great option for parents who want to give their children fruits like berries, peaches and pineapples which are especially high in vitamins, but can’t think of an idea to make them fun and interesting. Children like fruit which comes in a snack form, so it doesn’t feel like it’s a punishment or chore to do. This is why fruit bars are loved by kids, as will the homemade flapjacks that you make.

Substitute the soda

Kids love sugar, just downright love it. It hits their system a lot harder, and they become full of relentless energy. But rather than something that we all know is bad for them, why not substitute this out for something that tastes just as good, but won’t give them a high and crash at the end of the day. Rather than just plain water, something that is all natural, but charged with fruity flavors would be superb for hot days out in the park or strolls on the beach with your children. Products like Hint fruit flavored water do just that because, without any harmful chemicals, the drink doesn’t taste like juice and doesn’t have the fizzy consistency of soda. You have a choice from pineapple, cherry, watermelon and blackberry which gives you a variety of flavors to choose from and children won’t get bored because of it.

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Homemade ice lollies

Making ice lollies has been something mothers have been doing since the 1960s. Not only are they simple to make but you can add fruits into them. You can make homemade lemonade, pour it into a lolly mould, and add some cut up fruits like strawberries and apples. The further your child bites and eats the lolly, the more fruit bits are exposed, and they have to be eaten in order to get further down the tasty treat.

Sometimes tricking your children into eating healthily has to be done in a stealthy manner. It’s also fun for children because their favorite foods get new flavors infused into them and they may actually build up a liking for healthier eating.