I was recently able to try out some essential oil from Aroma Foundry and loved them. I tried out Lavender,Mandarin,Lemon and Orange.  I diffused them in my diffuser and loved all the citrus scents.  I used the lavender alone and also loved the smell.It was great for the bedrooms for relaxation.  All their essential oil are 100% natural, therapeutic grade, chemical free and bottled in California. I know some people love certain brands of oil that they may sell and I have tried out other brands but I found these oils to be just as pure and good as them.  There are no synthetic ingredients in any of the oils. They are also made in small quantities and numbered.

If you purchase from their website they are having specials right now that you get a free bottle of Lavender oil with any purchase over $25 and 15% off your order of $100 or more with coupon code “NATIVEOILS”  Visit their website for  more info and to order. 



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