What we adorn our walls with is a matter of personal taste. Some of us hang personal photographs or art prints, while others prefer to keep their walls bare. It all depends on what you like, and how minimal you choose to keep your home.

But, today we’re going to discuss why you should consider hanging art in your family home. It may not be to your tastes, but it could be a fantastic teaching tool for your children. Though you might not think it, there’s a lot to learn from art. To convince you, we’re going to look at a few of those lessons here.

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Art can open your children’s eyes

We all want children with the ability to see from someone else’s perspective, right? We encourage them to read books written about children in other countries. We run out to buy films which talk about inclusivity. Yet, we miss out on a major opportunity by not including art in our quest.

Painting offers a way for another person to display their point of view. It’s a fast snapshot of how it feels to be them. And, it can, therefore, teach us a lot about different perspectives.

Of course, this only really works if you buy art from people living different lives to your own. You could take a leaf from the book of collectors such as Mr Viatcheslav Kantor, who collects pieces from Jewish artists. Or, you could purchase prints from iconic black artists, such as Loïs Mailou Jones. Buy pieces which teach things you want your kids to know. You could do a round the world tour with your art, or stick with a particular painter. It’s all down to the message you’d like those pieces to send.


Keep the creative juices flowing


We all know that kids love arts and crafts when they’re young. But, the creative juices often stop flowing during their teen years. Society dictates that creative play ends when they enter high school. As such, their artistic tendencies may desert them. But, by ensuring there’s art around all the time, you can keep those tendencies in place. Your home will become a creative haven. And, you could make it even more so by harboring creative hobbies there.

By this small act, you’ll ensure your children are able to express themselves through creative mediums. Hence, they’ll have an outlet to fall back on during those difficult teenage years.

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Inspire free-thinking

Free-thinking is another fantastic side effect of keeping art around. Art is one thing which can’t be censored. It’s one of the only mediums left in which free-thinking is prized above all. If your child grows up surrounded by images created by free-thinkers, they’re more likely to follow that path themselves.

You can ensure this point even further by talking to them about the artists. This would be especially powerful if you choose pieces for distinct reasons. Those stories will stick with your kids, and ensure they seek out their own path in life.