Kids will get bored at times so I thought that putting up some craft ideas will help keep them entertained. If your kids are anything like mine, they like crafts. This is a cute one for preschool/kindergarten age levels. Some older kids may like it too.

Baby Food Jar Animals

What does your pet look like? How about the pet you wish you had? Make one out of a baby food jar. They’re cute and easy! This idea comes from Lisa of Anniston, Alabama.
You need:
Baby Food Jars
Scraps of Craft Foam
Tacky Glue or Low Temp Glue Gun
Cotton (for white animals)
Feathers (for bird)
Wiggle Eyes — 10mm
Plastic Lace for whiskers


Clean baby food jar. Remove label. Fill with pompoms to match your animal’s face. Put the lid on and turn it upside down. Glue on wiggle eyes. Cut ears (or beak) out of foam and glue in place. Add pompoms if desired. For whiskers, cut pieces of craft lace and glue one end under pompom nose.

Cut a strip of craft foam 1/4″ wide and glue around edge of lid.