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Cleaners and Lung Damage: The Scary Truth

Cleaners and Lung Damage: The Scary Truth

Cleaners and Lung Damage: The Scary Truth: It seems like we’re always discovering a new link between a health risk and a commonly found ingredient, especially when it comes to cleaning products. But what about the cumulative effect of our exposure to so many harmful chemicals over the course of our lifetimes? Recent studies have come out with some answers, and it isn’t good.

As dangerous as smoking?

You might want to brace yourself for this one: A recent study found the cumulative effect of cleaning products on respiratory systems to be as damaging as smoking twenty cigarettes a day. Shocking, right? Maybe not, when you consider how many common ingredients in household cleaners are linked to respiratory conditions like asthma and allergic reactions. Researchers found that the chemicals irritated the delicate mucus lining of the lungs, causing permanent damage and an overall decline in lung health.

It’s in the air

For many of us, air pollution conjures up images of big cities encased in smog thanks to gas-guzzling SUVs. While that was once true, in the last few decades, stricter air pollution regulations imposed on the auto industry has resulted in a significant decrease in tailpipe emisisions. So what’s crowding our ozone with toxic fumes now? According to one new study, chemicals from personal care products and household cleaners are major culprits. The study found that petroleum-based chemicals used in fragrances and paints emit pollution which can trigger asthma, cause permanent damage to our lungs and are linked to heart attacks, strokes and lung cancer. How much trouble can just a few spritzes of air freshener really cause? More than you might think, given 40% of chemicals added to consumer products wind up in the air. Knowing some of the worst offenders is a good way to start sourcing non-toxic cleaning products. Here are three tips to help guide you in selecting the safest ones for your home and family.

3 Tips for Selecting Non-Toxic Household Cleaners

1. Sniff out fragrance-free options

Fragrances are considered trade secrets, which allows manufacturers to hide literally hundreds of ingredients without disclosing them. And a product that contains fragrance will also likely contain phthalates, which are used to help fragrances last. Health risks for phthalates are startling and include cancer, human reproductive and developmental toxicity, endocrine disruption, birth defects & respiratory problems. As you scan labels, be wary of claims like “unscented” and “fragrance-free.”  That doesn’t mean you’re safe. You also have to check the ingredient list, because sometimes manufacturers use masking fragrances to cover the chemical smell of their products. A fragrance-free product means it does not have an added fragrance, so technically, a fragrance-free product can still contain a scent, like an essential oil or floral water distillate, as long as the company didn’t use a fragrance to change the odor.  Bottom line: At the end of the day, your best bet is to avoid all fragranced products – from household cleaning supplies to beauty and personal care products.

2. “Natural” does NOT mean non-toxic

Hay, arsenic and lead are natural and you wouldn’t want to ingest them, right? Natural and botanical ingredients can also be harmful, because even they can trigger allergic reactions. And so called “natural fragrances” can be just as toxic as synthetic fragrances. Terpenes, for example, are a natural fragrance emitted by citrus and pine trees (they’re actually the reason for the blue haze that gives the Blue Ridge Mountains their hue!), but they’re also linked to a host of respiratory issues like allergies and asthma.

3. Be a Minimalist

Even if you’re doing your best to find safer products, researchers say “to use as little of the product as you can to get the job done.” While finding non-toxic cleaning products will cut down on your exposure, a little goes a long way with any cleaning or personal care product. You don’t need to bring out the big guns for a little juice spill or use an entire palmful of dish detergent as you wash your dishes.

The Good News

The good news is you don’t need to choose between effective cleaning and your health when it comes to household cleaning products. Because now there’s Force of Nature, a revolutionary new product that has zero harmful chemicals, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, allergens or irritants. We took an industrial grade technology used in green cleaning, wound healing and eye care products and shrunk it down to a small household appliance roughly the size of a sports water bottle. It uses electricity to turn 3 simple ingredients – salt, water and vinegar – into a non-toxic cleaner as effective as bleach. It’s so gentle you can use it to clean things like pacifiers, baby toys, cutting boards and make-up brushes without even needing to rinse afterward.

Happy cleaning!

The Health Benefits of using an Infrared Sauna Vs. a Regular Sauna

The Health Benefits of using an Infrared Sauna Vs. a Regular Sauna

The Health Benefits of using an Infrared Sauna Vs. a Regular Sauna

It can be difficult to discern the difference between an Infrared Sauna and a regular steam sauna. To help you understand how these saunas compare and which one would benefit you the most, let’s take a closer look at each sauna.

Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Infrared Saunas use infrared heat to create a relaxing, warm environment. This heat improves a person’s circulation and reduces their pain. The Low humidity and modest air temperature can also help with weight loss and detoxification. 

  • Heart Health and Blood Pressure

According to published scientific literature about infrared saunas, the biggest benefit is to a person’s heart health. These saunas help normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of congestive heart failure. Some doctors have started recommending the use of saunas to their patients who have high blood pressure or who are at risk for heart issues. 

  • Weight Loss and Decrease in Cellulite

Some users of Infrared saunas noticed improved weight loss with regular use. The weight loss is often caused by the efficient heating of the body, the increased perspiration which removes toxins, and increased metabolic rates. The combination of the previously mentioned factors can improve a person’s metabolic rate by up to an extra 300 calories burned per hour. A 30-minute session in the sauna burns around 600 calories on its own, which is great if you are looking to lose weight. 

  • Improved Circulation

As your core body temperature goes up from the heat of the sauna, your circulation increases with it. Many people have found that the consistent use of an infrared sauna can improve blood flow and muscle recovery, which is why most gyms have a sauna. 

  • Pain Relief

If you are suffering from joint pain or muscle aches, going to an infrared sauna could offer you some relief because improved circulation can help reduce the inflammation. The heat from the sauna also relaxes the muscles, so the pain is reduced. 

  • Concentrated Detoxification 

Infrared saunas promote more perspiration than steam saunas. This is because the infrared rays penetrate deep into your body, increasing your body’s blood flow, breaking up water molecule clusters, and promoting the release of toxins from the body. This detoxification helps improve your overall health. 

  • More Comfortable to Use

The lower temperature of infrared saunas tends to be more comfortable and easier on the body. However, if you have eye, lung or breathing issues, the higher heat and humidity may be very uncomfortable for you. Infrared saunas offer lower temperatures and humidity, so you can relax in comfort. 

  • Better Sleep

Once you leave an infrared sauna, your body has to start cooling its interior temperature down. The relaxing properties of the sauna along with your body’s efforts to cool your internal temperature can actually help you get a better night sleep. 

  • Improves Cognitive Function

Heat stress is good for cognitive functions because it stimulates neurogenesis, which is the growth of new brain cells and protects the existing neurons from damage. The heat also boosts norephinphrine levels, which is the hormone that improves attention and focus. There is also increased levels of prolactin, which is a hormone that improves the growth of myelin. Myelin is the insulation around the nerve fibre in the brain that affects how fast your brain works. 

  • Boosts Your Immune System

When you are sitting in a sauna, your white blood cells increase in the bloodstream. This could be due to the body naturally raising your temperature when you are sick. The extra white blood cells help you fight off illness before you get sick in the first place. So, you may want to head to the sauna before and during cold and flu season. 

  • Relieve Symptoms of Depression

Long, grey, bitterly cold winters can really affect your mood. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder can impact anyone and is often caused by the seasonal changes. The low temperatures and lack of sunshine have a way of zapping a person’s energy levels. So, spending some time in the sauna releases the needed hormones, which reduce symptoms of depression including pain, aches, anxiety, and appetite. 

Regular Steam Sauna Health Benefits

Steam creates an environment that has high humidity and heat, which offers a variety of health benefits. 

  • Skin Hydration

People who are dealing with blemish prone skin may find that the high humidity and the steam helps balance oil production and help them have clearer skin. Dry skin users may experience more hydrated skin when using a stream room regularly. 

  • Respiratory Relief

Some users experienced relief from allergies, cold symptoms, and sinusitis because the moist air opens the nasal passages and sinuses, which allowed for clearer breathing. However, some users found that the moisture and the heat made their symptoms worse. 

  • Loosens Stiff Joints

Warming up in a steam sauna before a workout can help you reduce the risk of injury. It can also help you reach maximum mobility during activities such as yoga, running, and Pilates. Women especially benefited in studies from the heat therapy before and after their workouts.  

  • Reduces Stress

The sauna’s heat causes the body to release endorphins and other hormones that reduce the feelings of stress. Many people feel calm and rejuvenated after using the sauna, which is due to the increased hormone levels. 

  • Increase Athletic Performance

A New Zealand study found that visiting a sauna before working out can boost athletic performance. The study focused on male long-distance runners who used the sauna after their workouts. The next day, the participants increased the amount of time they could run by an average of 32 percent after using the sauna.

  • Reduce Pain Intensity

In a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine examined the use of saunas to reduce pain and treat chronic-type headaches and frequent headaches that occur over 15 days per month. After eight weeks of sauna exposure, the participants reported significant improvement in their headache intensity. Some participants had lasting effects of two years after finishing their sauna therapy. 

  • Improves Social Interaction

This can sound a bit weird and creepy, but it’s true. Going into the sauna with a friend or your partner can improve your relationship. It can also help you make new connections. The reason that social interactions are easier in saunas is that you are all essentially naked, both physically and mentally, so you are more likely to have an honest conversation with other people. However, some people simply enjoy solitude in the sauna, so just leave them be. 

What Sauna is Right For You? 

Both infrared saunas and steam saunas offer a number of health benefits. Saunas can reduce stress, help you relax and improve your overall health. Before picking which sauna you should use, you should review what features would benefit you the most and if you have any health concerns that could become worse from heat and high humidity.

Using a sauna regularly offers many health benefits. Both infrared and steam saunas offer similar benefits. However, infrared saunas are the better option, especially if you have breathing and respiratory issues because the heat and humidity of steam saunas can make your symptoms worse.    

Making Your Own Natural Dishwashing Rinse

Making Your Own Natural Dishwashing Rinse

Anyone that has purchased natural dishwashing rinse from somewhere like Whole Foods knows that it’s expensive. It’s about $5 a bottle and depending on your settings it doesn’t last you a long time. I refuse to buy the regular kind with all the chemicals in it that will sit on my plates.

Just to give you an idea what you can avoid, these are the ingredients in the most popular brands rinse aid. Take a look and ask yourself if you want those ingredients on the dishes and glasses you drink and eat out of.

Alcohol Alkoxylate
Sodium Cumene Sulfonate Ethanol
Zinc Chloride
Citric Acid
LiquitintTM Blue
Various perfumes

This is a very simple way to replace all that.

All you need is

1 gallon of White Vinegar
25 to 30 drops of essential lemon oil

drop the essential oil directly into the vinegar and shake it a little. Mark the bottle and keep it under your sink for refills into your dishwasher. It’s that easy and it saves you money.


Benefits of Elderberry Syrup & Syrup Recipe

Benefits of Elderberry Syrup & Syrup Recipe

Elderberries are one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world. They have been used by Native Americans to treat infections, and the ancients Egyptians used them to heal burns and improve their complexions. Today, they are still gathered and used in folk medicine in Europe and North America. There are many reported benefits of elderberries, and there are studies being conducted that look into their health benefits.


Listed below are some Elderberry health benefits.

1. Helps Fight Colds and Flu. Elderberries have been used for centuries to help treat colds and flu. There is some evidence to support these claims from some studies. A systematic review from 2010 concluded that elderberries may have antioxidant antiviral effects. The study’s author stated that more research is needed. A double-blind, randomized control trial tested if elderberry extract could prevent people from experiencing cold-like symptoms after traveling on an airplane. People in the study were given lozenges containing 300 mg of elderberry extract and 150 mg of rice flour twice a day for ten days before traveling. Researchers found that the lozenges did not prevent the cold-like symptoms. However, people who have taken elderberry extract had less severe symptoms and their symptoms lasted for less time.

2. Reduces Wrinkles. Elderberries contain high levels of vitamin A. The ANA claims that Elderberries may soothe the skin, prevent or lessen the appearance of wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of age spots.

3. Can Help With Weight Loss. Like most fruits, Elderberries are high in fiber. In a German study, participants who take elderberry juice enriched with elderberry flower and extracts saw significant improvements in weight regulation.

4. Improved Digestive Health. There is more research needing to be done here. However, elderberries are a great source of fiber and can help improve digestion. The fiber can help treat other digestive issues like bloating, gas, upset stomach, and constipation.

5. Improved Heart Health. Elderberries are rich in potassium, so they can help regulate blood pressure and ensure that the blood vessels are relaxed. High potassium diets have been found to reduce the strain on the heart. Studies have found that people taking high amounts of potassium (not excessive) had 49 percent less risk of death by ischemic heart disease. Some sources claim that elderberries can help regulate cholesterol levels and boost circulation. Elderberries contain beneficial compounds called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins protect the inner layer of blood vessels from oxidative stress. This protects the cells from inflammatory stressors, improves circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease.

6. Strengthen Bones. Elderberries contain potassium, iron, and calcium, which are known to strengthen bones, increase bone mineral density, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The anthocyanins may also prevent bone loss in certain. More studies need to be done, so you should consult your doctor before taking Elderberries for bone health.

7. Can Help Prevent Cancer. There are scientists from around the world who are testing the effectiveness of elderberries in cancer treatments, with some success. The success could be attributed to the quercetin in elderberries, which is known to stimulate the immune system and aid in treatment of cancer. Other studies found that elderberries could be a treatment for prostate cancer. This could be due to the berries inhibiting the hedgehog signaling, which is a biochemical process linked to cancer.

8. Helps Treat Diabetes. Studies suggest that elderberries can help lower blood sugar levels, and aiding with diabetes treatment. Research is limited, so it is recommended to speak with your doctor before changing treatments.

9. Improved Vision. Health Elderberries are rich in Vitamins A and B5, which can help prevent serious vision ailments including macular degeneration and glaucoma. The antioxidants in elderberries may also help improve a person’s vision health in the long run.

10. Fights Inflammation. There are a number of studies that talk about the anti-inflammatory properties of elderberries. The berries have even been used to treat eye inflammation. They also help fight oxidative stress, which helps reduce inflammation in the body.

11. Improved Hair and Skin Health. Along with helping reduce the look of wrinkles, Elderberries are also used as a detoxifying agent and helps treat and prevent acne, scars, and boils. This is due to the anthocyanins in the berries, which is the compounds that give the berries their color. Distilled elderberry flower water is used to lighten freckles and improved skin health. The fruit extract applied directly to the skin can also reduce bruising and inflammation. The elderflower oil can also be used to treat your hair. You just need to mix the elderflower oil with your other favorite oils that are safe to apply to the skin and apple to the problem areas of the scalp.

12. Improve Brain Health. One study found that anthocyanins in berries, including elderberries, can help treat cognitive impairments and resultant conditions like Alzheimer’s. Studies also found that Elderberries are replete with quercetin, which is an important flavonoid which is critical for brain health. Quercetin reduces harmful inflammation at the cellular level. It also activates mitochondria in the cells.

13. Helps Treat Urinary Tract Infections. There is very little research on this subject. There are certain sources that claim that elderberry juice can reduce inflammation in the urinary tract and treat urinary infections.

14. Allergy Relief. Elderberry’s anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating properties make them a great natural remedy for allergy symptoms. Allergies cause inflammation of the sinuses, itchy, sneezing, watery eyes, swelling, and a stuffy or a runny nose. Elderberries are believed to be particularly good for people who suffer from hay fever because it strengthens the upper respiratory tract. Elderberries also have an anti-catarrhal action, which can help reduce congestion and runny nose caused by allergies.

Side Effects of Raw Elderberries

People can eat elderflowers cooked or raw. However, Elderberries need to be cooked to be safe to eat. Raw elderberries, seeds, leaves, and bark of the tree all contain a toxic substance that can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

With cold and flu season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to treat the symptoms and protect yourself and family from these illnesses. Making Elderberry Syrup is not a complex process and only takes a few hours at the most. Some natural stores also sell premade Elderberry Syrup and other Elderberry products if you do not have the supplies to make your own. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to make elderberry syrup. This recipe is easy and the elderberry syrup can last up 3 months in the fridge.

Things you will need:

At Least 2/3 cup of Elderberries (Fresh or Frozen)

½ cup of Honey (Local, raw honey is recommended)

Potato Ricer or a Herb Press or Your Hands Fine Cheesecloth or Nut Milk Bag Glass Jar Mini Funnel for Bottling

Small Glass Bottles

Steps: 1. Clean the Elderberries and place them in a pot. Add 2 tbsp. or more water in the pot. Simmer until juicy. Remove from the heat and let the mixture cool until it is cool enough to be handled.

2. Line the glass jar with the cheesecloth or nut milk bag. Place the Potato Ricer on top.

3. Transfer Elderberries and juice into the Potato Ricer. The Elderberry Juice will drip through the nut milk bag into the glass jar.

4. Press the potato ricer to extract all the juices. If you are using your hands, you should really wear gloves because the elderberry juice can stain the skin.

5. Transfer the elderberry juice back into the pot and simmer to reduce the juices a bit. Remove the pot from the heat and let the liquid cool until it is lukewarm.

6. Add the Honey to the juices you have in the pot, and stir well.

7. Take the pot off the heat, and transfer the liquid with the funnel into the glass bottles. Let the liquid cool before using it. Store the Elderberry Syrup in the fridge and take a tablespoon daily for immune boosting properties.

Some recipes will also add ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and other herbs that are known for their health benefits, to add a pleasant flavor to the syrup. You should use what you have available, and adjust the recipe so you enjoy the flavour. With all the benefits that Elderberries offer, it is definitely worth trying to incorporate elderberries into your diet. Even a tablespoon of Elderberry syrup can provide you with some of the many health benefits listed above. No matter if you make your own syrup or buy premade made syrup from your local health food or natural store, the bottom line is that elderberries are great for your overall health.

Red Light Therapy: What Is It and What are It’s Benefits

Red Light Therapy: What Is It and What are It’s Benefits

I first found out about red light therapy from my husband’s doctor. He said it helps heart health especially the arteries. He said he has a full body machine that he stands in front of every day for 20 minutes to get the benefits. I also read that Kanye West uses Red Light Therapy to help with his mental health. he said in an interview on tv that he is completely off his meds and solely uses red light therapy.

I have looked into a couple different home machines and purchased a travel red light hand held machine from one company. I will have a review on that one soon. I also bought the full length one from a different company that my husband’s doctor told me about, i’m still waiting for that one to arrive so I can also review that one. Here is some info I found on red light therapy.

Red light therapy or RLT has become a major topic because it can help with many skin issues by using a low wavelength red light. It can also be called low-level laser light therapy depending on the area. It has been found to help with skin conditions, scaling, hair growth, pain, and more. Like any other medical treatment, red light therapy is no miracle cure and can have some side effects. If you are wondering if RLT is right for you, you should talk to your doctor about the treatment. 

How does Red Light Therapy work? 

Red light therapy is a pretty straightforward medical treatment. The treatment involves exposing the body to low wavelength red light. This red light is natural. Due to its low wavelength, it penetrates deep into the skin, where your cells absorb them. The biochemical effect in the cells strengthens the mitochondria, which is where the cell creates its energy.

RLT is different from laser treatments and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapies. Red light does not cause damage to the skin’s surface. Laser and IPL therapies work by damaging the outer layer of the skin, so the skin would repair itself. RLT passes through the skin and can penetrate over 5 millimetres below the skin’s surface.  

Red Light Therapy is still being studied with many studies showing promising results. However, there are not enough studies to show its benefits to be seen as a better treatment option for treating wounds, pain, and ulcers. It is still an option for those who are looking for it’s more skin related benefits.


Now that we know how red light therapy works, we can look at its benefits. 

Improved Skin Health

The many reason people look into RLT is for its skin health benefits. The potential of RLT for skin rejuvenation has led to a number studies being done. In the journal Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery notes that RLT could help rejuvenation by boosting collagen production improving elasticity, increasing fibroblast production which boosts skin’s collagen production and improving circulation between blood and tissue cells. The red light therapy also helped improve facial texture, reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Improving Acne

Like retinol, RLT is not only an anti-aging treatment also has benefits for those suffering with acne. In the same study as above, it was found some forms of the RLT can be used as an acne vulgaris treatment. Acne vulgaris is caused by sebum clogging the pores. This can happen due a number of factors. One of those factors being UVA and UVB damage which can cause the skin to over produce sebum and even skin cancer.

RLT can be used alone or with other treatments like blue light therapy as effective treatment for acne vulgaris. The light penetrates deep into the skin, affecting sebum production, reducing inflammation and irritation.

Hair Growth

RLT is starting to be used to treat alopecia for both men and women. RLT for hair growth should use two or more wavelengths. In studies, RLT improved hair density compared to the control group. RLT also has been found to increased hair counts and overall growth.

Wound Healing

One of the main benefits being looked into is if RLT can helpful in speeding up wound healing. Studies are still in their early phases so it may be years before RLT is used to help with wound healing. However, in the journal Anais Braileiours de Dermatologia highlights some reasons RLT could be used. Including reducing inflammation in the cells, increasing fibrobasts and collagen, and stimulating new blood vessels. It could also help reduce scaring as the increased collagen and fibrobasts in the healing area and reversing past scarring.

Reducing Pain

Pain reduction is something the medical field has been looking into for decades. RLT is a long term pain reduction plan as during studies researchers noted that those who stuck with the recommended dosages had better results than those who did not. The studies focused on those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.


The reason for RLT’s anti-inflammatory effects are still not fully understood, but it does offer significant anti-inflammatory effects. The effects are both local to where the light was applied and systemic in other tissues and organs. More research is being done to figure out the reason and how effective the treatment would be for chronic inflammatory issues.

Potential Side Effects

RLT is a natural process. It is exposing the skin to levels of light that are not harmful. There are very few side effects. However, exposing tissue to too much treatment may lead to tissue or cell damage. Misuse of at-home products can lead to damaged skin, burns and damage to unprotected eyes.

Red Light Therapy and Mental Health

If you have lived with or know someone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, you may have heard of light therapy. Regular light therapy emits ultraviolet (UV) light to affect the brain chemicals to help regulate sleep routines and mood. 

Early tests with Red Light Therapy has shown that the treatment can stimulate, preserve, and regenerate brain cells and tissues, along with increasing oxygen levels and blood flow. For some people, this can improve hormone levels. This could help those with depression and anxiety caused due to hormone imbalances.

Where to Get Red Light Therapy Treatments?

As RLT treatments become more popular, more establishments may offer RLT rooms or lamps. Spas, gyms, wellness centres, and dermatology offices are the most common places to receive RLT treatments. In most cases, RLT treatments are not covered by insurance because the treatment is not seen as a medical treatment.

There are also a growing number of targeted red light lamps that can be purchased and used at home. If you are thinking of purchasing an at-home tool, make sure that the device delivers red light wavelengths within an effective range. This range will depend on what you are looking to treat.

How Long Does Red Light Therapy Take to Work?

This will depend on the treatment type. Most people experience a reduction of symptoms as early as the first treatment. 

How Often to Have Red Light Therapy Treatments?

The frequency of treatments depends on the condition being treated, the condition severity and if RLT is being used with other treatments. It will also depend on if you are using an at-home option or seeing a professional. Some RLT requires daily sessions, others are a few times a week. 

Best results for most people are with regular treatments over an 8 to 12 week period. It is recommended to continue treatments after the condition has been resolved. It would be one or two times of week for maintenance and continued benefits. 


Red Light Therapy is a great option for people who are for noninvasive skin and pain management treatment. Many studies are still being done on RLT to see how well it treats a wide variety of illnesses, conditions, and health concerns. RLT is FDA approved and has been found to be safe with very few side effects. 

Here are a few options in red light therapy.

How to Maintain an Organic Diet for Your Baby

How to Maintain an Organic Diet for Your Baby

Organic foods are vital for the growth and health of your baby, due to nutritional benefits. Conventionally grown foods might cause various health problems due to exposure to pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This can affect the baby during the early stages and bring issues later in life.

As a parent, you need to ensure your baby eats healthy. Organic foods contain minimal pesticide residue, which protects infants from possible harm caused by such chemicals.

Here is how you can maintain an organic diet for your baby.

Feed Them with Pasture-Raised Poultry and Meat

Whenever you are feeding a sausage, egg or any kind of meat to your baby, ensure it is organic. The best way to identify organic meat and poultry is by knowing its source. You can find this information on the labels of packaged meat. This will help you to know how the animals that produced the meat were fed or raised.

The best type of meat is produced from pasture-raised animals. Whether you are buying pork, beef or poultry products, ensure they are non-GMO and pasture-raised.

For instance, beef from grass-fed animals is the best compared to grain-fed. Take a look at the Seven Sons farm store to see the qualities of good organic meat and poultry.

Avoid Unhealthy Packaged Foods

Although there are certified packaged foods for babies in most supermarkets, parents must be careful about what they buy. In most cases, food manufacturers market their packaged foods to be healthier than they actually are. Although we cannot write off the importance of packaged foods, especially for busy moms, extra care should be taken when buying them.

Read the labels as well as the fine print to avoid the tricks used by food companies to market their products. Ensure the ingredients and nutritional concentrations are ideal for children, but not for adults. You also need to make sure the packaged food doesn’t contain added sugar or salt.

Dairy Products Must Be Organic

Milk is probably the number one food for babies. Just like animals raised for meat, what is fed to dairy cows makes a difference. For instance, when cows are fed antibiotics and growth hormones, these chemicals eventually make their way into the cow’s milk. Considering the frequency with which toddlers consume milk, these chemicals could affect their health.

Insist on buying dairy products from cows that are pasture-raised. You’ll avoid harmful chemicals contained in milk.

Mind the Kind of Vegetables and Fruits You Feed Your Child

Don’t assume that every vegetable or fruit is healthy – not all fruits or vegetables we eat are! Some of them are grown using GMOs and other chemicals that can be very harmful to human health.

If you are feeding vegetables or fruits to your kid, ensure they don’t have high amounts of pesticide residue. Whichever fruit you feed your child, make sure it is organic.

Some of the fruits believed to have the lowest levels of pesticide residue are eggplant and watermelon. Vegetables without a peel or rind have lower levels of toxic residue. Nevertheless, make sure whatever vegetable or fruit you are buying is organic.

Organic Formula

For mothers who don’t have enough breast milk. or those who are not always there to breastfeed, formula is a must-have. Although most baby formula brands are labeled organic, not all are 100% authentic. Ensure the brand you buy is truly milk-based and contains sufficient iron for the good health of your baby.

Bottom Line

Although it might not be possible to eat 100% organic, youshould try as much as you can to ensure your baby is eating healthy. Do what you can to provide an organic diet for your baby, and guarantee a healthier future as they get older.

5 Essential Things to Buy Before the Birth of Your Child

5 Essential Things to Buy Before the Birth of Your Child

For first-time moms, preparation is everything. Childbirth comes with numerous challenges, and you don’t want to be thinking about small essentials when the baby is already here. Knowing what to buy before the delivery day will assure an easy time after the birth of your child. You’ll able to focus on caring for your baby.

Here are some essential things you should buy before your child’s birth.

1.   Car Seat Compatible with Strollers

Spending time outdoors is not only healthy for your baby, but very important for his or her brain development. You should shop for a car seat that has multiple purposes. For instance, you can buy a car seat that is compatible with baby strollers. This will make things easier because you can use it as a stroller after driving to any destination.

You also need to buy a lightweight and flexible stroller that can be used by a newborn, but also serve them as they grow bigger.

2.   Baby Clothes

There are different types of baby clothes you need to buy before the delivery date. These include:

  • Baby pajamas– You need to get some PJs that protect the baby against the umbilical cord stub during the first few weeks.
  • Burp cloths– Your newborn needs to burp after every meal, which can be messy on adult and baby clothes. Buy a burp cloth to place on your shoulder or lap for a mess-free burp.
  • Warm and light clothes– It’s crucial to keep the baby warm during cold weather by dressing them in some soft, comfortable and warm clothes. You also need some light clothes for those hot days.

3.   Good Quality Diapers

Stocking some newborn diapers is necessary when preparing to give birth. Whether you’re considering cloth or disposable diapers, you need to have some in your hospital bag and at home. However, don’t stock too many diapers for your newborn. This is because babies grow fast and they might outgrow the size of diapers you have in stock.

The quality of diapers is also vital. Poor quality diapers or cloths can cause rashes on your baby’s skin or other serious skin infections.

4.   Sleeping Essentials

If you are planning to have a bassinet or crib for your baby, you’ll need to buy it early enough. This will give you enough time to learn how to install and assemble your crib. Although your baby will outgrow his/her bassinet within a few months, it’s a very convenient sleeping place for middle-of-the-night feedings. You can place it next to your bed to save bed space.

Ensure you buy some soft, warm and comfortable blankets for your baby. The sleeping area should be as cozy as possible to give your newborn the best sleeping experience.

Something to avoid when shopping for a bassinet or crib is second-hand products. Buy new sleeping essentials to protect your newborn from diseases and other infections.

5.   Feeding Bottles and Breast Pump

A breast pump stimulates milk production during the first days after birth. It also allows moms to rest while their partners feed the newborn. You will need it whenever you want to express milk for later feeding of your child. This is especially helpful for moms who have to go back to work.

Feeding bottles are necessary when you want to feed your baby without breastfeeding. Be sure to wash them clean before re-using.

Bottom Line

Get all the supplies you will need for your newborn in good time. Create a checklist to ensure you are not leaving any of these items out and start buying early!

5 Tips on Keeping Fit During Pregnancy

5 Tips on Keeping Fit During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body goes through an incredible amount of change. Hormones fluctuate like crazy, you swell up, blood volume increases, your body aches and of course, your stomach will grow. Internally and externally, your body will go through a journey quite like no other.

Pregnancy means your lifestyle will change, whether you like it or not. Sacrifices will have to be made. Being with-child is often a cautious time, and every action made by mother-to-be is done so with the baby’s best interest at heart.

It’s essential during your gestation period, that you make sure you look after your mind, body and soul during this time. Although sacrifices will have to be made, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active..

Many pregnant women think that exercise is a no go during this time, however this is not the case. Gentle to medium physical activity can promote overall health for you and the baby. It is good for your mental health, too, and helps your body manage better with weight gain.

Here, we’ve put together some tips to help you stay fit, healthy and happy during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Exercise Classes

There’s plenty of exercise classes out there for you to get involved in. It might be best for you to look out for those that are specifically targeted at women who are expecting. This way the exercise will be a bit more gentle, and baby bump cautious.

Exercise classes are a more fun way of getting your body moving. Getting the chance to meet other expecting mothers can also be really beneficial for you at this weird yet wonderful time.


Running is still absolutely okay to do while with-child. Just maybe don’t go too over the top. If you are going to run make sure you warm up and cool down properly and stay as hydrated as you can.

Warming up properly can help prepare your muscles and reduce the extra added strain that the baby is putting on your body. You can purchase amazing pregnancy support for running, including maternity running belts that will help support your bump.


Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your body at any given time, but now is probably when this light activity will work most in your favor. Swimming is great for cardiovascular health and works your entire body. The water helps support your weight when pregnant, too, so you will feel more at ease when swimming.

This water based activity is often recommended to those with pain conditions as it is thought to alleviate the symptoms. Say goodbye to those aching feet and back!


This is a pursuit that pretty much everyone can do and won’t put too much stress on you if you’re not really an exercise person. Walking can also be incorporated easily in your every day life. All you need is a pair of shoes, and you can get a brisk walk in wherever you may need to be going on the day.

If you find you don’t walk all that much, add a lunch break walk in at work, or shorten (or get rid of!) your regular car journeys. Even a casual stroll can be great to get you outdoors, break up a boring evening, and get your heart pumping.

Pre-Natal Yoga

Yoga is not only great for many aspects of the body, but it benefits the mind, too. Maybe you need a way to reduce that pre-natal anxiety, or wash away the worries of every day life. After all, stress is not good for the baby either.

A pre-natal class will ensure you only flow in positions that are suitable for a baby body! Stretching and moving your body in this way can have a really positive impact on the muscles, joints and body’s blood flow.

Whatever it may be you decide to do to stay fit during pregnancy, remember to take it easy and consult your doctor first. Always hydrate and make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be. Last of all, just smile and enjoy the movement of your magnificent body.

5 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For Weight Loss

5 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For Weight Loss

There are some amazing foods that will be just right for you when you are trying to lose weight, and you need to start considering what your options really are when you know that you would like to drop a few pounds. If you have issues with the way that you eat now, you can actually focus on these things. You could eat these foods every day as part of the diet you have created, and you could actually use these things to focus on weight loss when you are snacking. Start with the supplements, add to your routine, and change your body for the better.

  1. Supplements

IsaTrim and similar products are very important because they can give you all the nutrition that you need just in one supplement. You can make a shake or a smoothie out of these things, and you will start to notice that you have more energy because you are using the supplements. When you are doing this, you will start losing weight more because you have a much higher metabolism. You also need to use the supplements at the same time every day because that will support the other foods you are eating here.

2. Almonds

Almonds are very filling, and they have protein that is going to be very good for you. Someone who wants to start snacking right needs to turn to almonds because almonds could change the way that you approach your diet. You can use these for your snack every day, and you can eat them every day without even thinking. Almonds have a very unique flavor, and they will make you feel like you are eating right. This is a kind of gateway food to the other three that are on this list.


Raspberries are an amazing food for weight loss because they can support a keto diet that will help make your metabolism shoot through the roof. Plus, you can eat these as an easy snack when you are just sitting around between meals. Most people who are doing this are going to feel so much better about how they are eating because they have something that works for them every time they need a snack.

4. Avocado

The avocado is a really nice thing that you can use to make sure that you have a plated fat on every plate that you eat. When you have this nice fat on the plate, you get a lot more filling food out of your meals, and you will notice that you can add this food to anything that you want so that you will enjoy your meals more.

5. Sweet Potatoes

These are filled with nutrition that will be so much better for you. You also need to be sure that you have added a little brown sugar or cinnamon to these sweet potatoes because that makes them so much more delicious than they would have been otherwise. You can use all five of these foods to enjoy your meals, lose weight, and start a brand new lifestyle.