The Health Benefits of Cold Showering

The Health Benefits of Cold Showering

The Health Benefits of Cold Showering

For most people, there is nothing like taking a steamy shower at the end of a long day to feel refreshed. However, it turns out that taking a cold shower has serious health benefits. Showers do more than just clean your body, they can help you relax, improve your mood, and protect your hair from damage. Cold showers can reduce your power and water bill, but may not sound that tempting. Here are just a few reasons why you should turn down the heat the next time you take a shower.

1. Wakes You Up More Than Caffeine Does
A warm bath can make you feel sleepy and have a good night sleep, whereas taking a cold shower does the opposite. This is because the cold water shocks the body, so your heart rate increases to warm you up. The good news is that you do not need to take a cold shower every morning to see the benefits. Most times, ending your usual shower with a quick blast of cold water can increased your level of alertness for the day.

2. Boosts Weight Loss
There are a number of ways that cold showers can help boost weight loss. The first way is that your body burns more calories to keep you warm. This boosts your metabolism, which makes it easier for you to have a calorie deficit. A Scandinavian study found that simply adding a cold shower to your daily routine can help you lose up to an extra 9 lbs of fat over a year. However, it is unclear how many calories are burned per shower, so your results may vary.
Shivering also burns calories because your muscles are trying to keep moving to generate heat. This helps focus on fat loss instead of just weight loss.

3. Boosts Your Immune System
It is a common belief that being cold will make you sick, but for many people this is not the case. A Virginia Commonwealth University study found that taking cold showers regularly increases the number of white blood cells you have in your body. There was also a German study done that found the people who took frigid cold showers for two minutes every day had less colds than people who took hot showers.

Along with higher levels of white blood cells in the body, cold showers can help drain the body’s lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps remove cellular waste from the body, but it regularly gets blocked by chemicals, toxins, and environmental effects. When your lymphatic system is blocked, both cell waste and dead cells build up and you are more likely to get sick. The cold water contracts the blood vessels and the vessels relax when they are warmed up. This movement helps flush the waste out of your body, reducing the risk of you becoming sick.

4. Improves Your Mood
This sounds counterintuitive as most people do not feel happy about taking a cold shower. However, a study published in the journal Medical Hypotheses found that taking a two to three minute cold shower everyday over a two week period improved the moods of participants. These findings were linked to improved overall health and improved circulation of the participants in the study.

5. More Will Power
This is often noted in studies that look at the benefits of cold showers, mainly due to the fact that it is hard to stick with taking a cold shower every morning. If you can stick with taking cold showers on a daily basis, then you can really stick with anything. If you add cold showers to your daily routine, you may see improved willpower in other parts of your life.

6. Reduces Stress and Depression
Along with improving your mood, taking a cold shower can also reduce your stress and may be a treatment for depression. Studies have shown that cold showers increase the oxidative stress on your body. This may seem like a bad thing, but the oxidative stress on your body decreases your overall stress levels. This allows your nervous system to become more able to deal with an increased level of stress in your daily life.
At the same time, having a cold shower will boost the noradrenaline levels in the body. The temperature of the water stimulates the part of the brain named “the blue spot”. The more noradrenaline that is released, the more happy hormones are released. This increase in noradrenaline levels can help rebalance a person’s hormone levels, which will reduce their depression and anxiety.

7. Increased Circulation
When your body is cold, your blood gets around more quickly and easily, which is why you are more alert after a cold shower. Both your breathing and heart rate speed up to help keep you more alert, which places more stress on your body because your heart has to work much harder in order to get the blood where it is needed. Your whole body benefits from the increased circulation as every organ gets more oxygen and has more toxins removed. The increased circulation can last for a few hours after a cold shower as the body works to raise your body tempter and stabilize it.

8. Improved Muscle Recovery
Along with icy baths, cold showers can help boost a person’s muscle recovery process. The improved circulation created by the cold water means that the muscles get more blood flow and more oxygen, which helps the cells be repaired more effectively and quickly. The improved blood flow also means that the lactic acid build-up within the muscles can be removed effectively, so the muscles can repair themselves and begin to relax.
Some people find that taking a shower with a mixture of cold and hot water is more effective for them. However, depending on the muscle and the injury, too much cold can cause more damage. Many people find that warm to hot water can help with improved relaxation, reduces the heart rate, and helps their body have more happy hormones. You can try alternating between hot and cold to see what method gives you the best results.

9. Reduces Hair Breakage
Hot water is really bad for your hair because it strips the natural oil from the hair follicles and opens up the pores on your scalp. Studies have shown that cold water strengthens the hair follicles, so there is less damage to the hair and breakage is reduced. If you are worried about if you are really getting your hair clean, studies have found that washing your hair in cold water is just as effective as washing your hair in hot water.

10. Reduces the Appearance of Skin Conditions
Acne and psoriasis are two of the skin conditions that can benefit from taking cold showers. Many people find that showering with hot water and using harsh soaps can strip the skin of its natural oils and are generally drying, which can often make these conditions worse. Studies show that having a shower in cold water does not have the same effect on the skin, so it does not worsen the skin’s condition. Many times, taking a cold shower can help reduce inflammation and reduce the appearance of redness of the skin.

How You Can Look After Your Mental Health Better

How You Can Look After Your Mental Health Better

Can you say for sure that you’re paying as much attention to your mental health as you really should? Lots of people think they do, but in reality, it’s nothing more than an afterthought for them. Contrary to what many think, you should be paying as much attention to your mental health as any other aspect of your health. So if you’re not sure how to get better at this, here’s how to look after your mental health better than you currently are.

Talk to People

If you isolate yourself too much and don’t allow yourself to reach out to other people, you will eventually realise that you don’t have the support system you need in order to keep your mental health balanced and positive. So don’t be afraid to talk to people when you need to. Those around you will be happy to listen. And if you don’t feel able to talk to friends or family, there are charities that have people who can listen to you when you feel vulnerable.

Avoid Unhelpful Triggers

Many people know that certain things make them feel down and damage their mental, and these are the things that should be avoided. They’re unhelpful triggers that should be cut out whenever possible. It could be drinking too much alcohol, for instance. Alcohol is a know depressant, so it’s something that definitely can trigger negative emotions and feelings if you consume too much of it.

Find Time and Places for Real Relaxation

Sometimes, you simply need to break out of your ordinary routines in order to find the time to relax. This could mean simply prioritising yourself and focusing on your own relaxation. Or it could mean heading out to a luxury hotel for the night, slipping on those hotel slippers and kicking back away from your normal surroundings. A change or scenery really can make a difference.

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Learn How to Manage the Stress in Your Life

Learning to manage your stress levels is one thing that you can actively do to make your mental health more balance and secure. We all experience stress in one way or another, so it definitely makes sense to learn more about how you can actively combat it day to day.

Try Meditation and Mindfulness

Simple things like meditation and mindfulness can really help you to get back in control of your life if you feel like this is something you’ve lost over time. There’s nothing at all wrong with giving it a try, even you think it won’t do much for you. You won’t know for sure until you try, and you might just be surprised.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and you should never allow yourself to forget that fact. Too many people ignore this aspect of their health, and you should try to avoid falling into that trap yourself. You will only make your life more difficult if you do, and that’s not necessary.

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All the Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

All the Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

If you’re not acquainted with matcha tea yet, you need to be. Matcha tea powder is a fine-ground, luminous green ingredient made from pure tea leaves, originally grown in China. In recent years its popularity has spread throughout the western world for its energy-boosting properties and antioxidant content.

People all over the world are swapping their caffeine-rich coffee habits for the healthy energy enhancement it gives, while containing half the amount of caffeine of an average cup of black coffee. Mix into a tea or latte for an instant delicious drink. After reading all about this super-tea, you’ll be hooked!

Try today and have your All the Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea own ‘Matcha Moment’ – trying the tea for the first time and being blown away, according to the creators of this excellent guide to the best matcha. Check out the guide for a rating of the greatest brands of powdered tea on the market to help you decide which to try. Read on for all the amazing health benefits contained in matcha tea, besides perking you up in the mornings.

Improves Metabolism
Matcha contains epigallocatechin gallate (more commonly known as EGCG) – an amino acid that increases fat oxidation when present in the body during exercise. In simple terms, this means that the process of burning body fat through exercise is sped up when EGCG is ingested; and this is present in abundance in matcha tea. For anyone looking to kickstart their metabolism and get an energy boost before a workout, have a hot cup of matcha before setting off for the gym.

Strengthens the Immune System
Sustain your immune system by drinking regular cups of matcha. No one likes being ill and having to miss work commitments or social occasions because you’re too sick to leave the house. Help to prevent this by eating and drinking as many antioxidant-filled foods as possible.
Matcha contains the aforementioned EGCG amino acid, as well as polyphenols and catechins, which the body utilizes to help fight infection and ward off illness. If you work in a cramped office prone to colds and flu, or have a small child who picks up all the coughs and sniffles going around, keep some matcha tea powder to hand at all times!

Helps to Clear Skin
Bright-green matcha tea contains heaps of chlorophyll, which is the agent in the plant that allows it to absorb the sun’s rays and kickstart photosynthesis. This is obviously great for plants, but when used in humans, it helps to rid your skin of any dirt and toxins and protect it from chemicals. It is also said to prevent and treat sun damage when mixed into a paste and smoothed into skin – though make sure you always use a high SPF cream when you’re exposed to the sun.
It can also fight acne and signs of ageing when applied to the skin. For these reasons, matcha is commonly used in skincare products like face masks that you can pick up at beauty counters and in drugstores.

Detoxifies the Body
Matcha is rich in antioxidants, and due to its high concentration of nutrients, can actually contain the same amount of antioxidants in one cup as ten cups of regular green tea! It’s highly effective for flushing out toxins from your body after an indulgent weekend or just when you’re feeling run down. Put a spring back in your step with a shot of energy and nutrients with a matcha brew.

Increases focus
Caffeine has been found to improve a person’s memory and focus. To give yourself a boost in the morning or during the working day, particularly in the afternoon when people tend to feel the most sluggish, brew yourself a pot of matcha to see you through until home time.

Promotes well-being
Matcha tea contains the amino acid l-theanine, which is found to improve a person’s sense of calm while maintaining alertness and not causing drowsiness, as some calming medicines can do. This makes it a perfect soothing natural remedy for nervousness or mild anxiety.

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Bring Some Elegance Into Your Garden

Bring Some Elegance Into Your Garden


A lot of people end up feeling like their garden doesn’t really have much to offer. It often ends up just being a plain green space without a great deal going on. Not only that but a lot of gardens can end up being incredibly messy and unkempt which only adds to the feeling of frustration that a lot of people deal with when it comes to their gardens. Of course, that’s not the way things have to be. There are plenty of things that you can do in order to bring a little more life and elegance into your garden. Here are just a few of them that you might want to try.

Figure out a theme for it

One of the main reasons that people become frustrated with their gardens is that they struggle to find a way to make them really stand out in any meaningful way. After all, if you were decorating your room and the whole thing ended up plain and blank, it would hardly be the most inspiring place in the world, would it? So why not do the same thing people do when they need inspiration for their interiors? Pick a theme! Find something, from a colour scheme to a piece of media that you love, and use that as a jumping off point to turn your garden into something really special. What that theme is could be entirely up to you, just pick something that you’re going to really love.

Inject some colour

When you imagine a garden, the first colour that jumps to mind is probably going to be green. After all, the largest part of any garden is usually the lawn. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need other bursts of colour throughout the space. Whether it’s dedicated flowerbeds or a border of flowers around the lawn, it’s always a good idea to give the place a little bit of extra visual interest. You can arrange those colours in a whole bunch of wonderful different ways. You could easily create a whole rainbow around your garden.

Make a statement

A lot of people are so unsure of how to really make the most of their gardens that they end up making it kind of blank and uninteresting. In order to avoid that, why not try and make a statement with your garden. One of the very best ways to do that is to include something bold in your garden. Things like garden fountains or ornaments are a fantastic way to bring a whole lot of life into your garden while retaining a wonderfully elegant and refined style.

The most important thing to remember is that this is your garden. If you’re inspired in some way, then you should make sure that you go with your gut. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t do in your own garden. Sure, some things might not work out so well, but there’s wrong with experimenting and trying new things from time to time!

DIY Elements for Your Residential Home

DIY Elements for Your Residential Home

The idea of a perfect residence may be different from one person to another but there are some features that most people look for in a home. The design of a home is something that architects, builders, and interior designers put so much effort in order to meet the ever-increasing customer satisfaction. Majority of people want a home with unique and smart features that will meet their lifestyle, entertainment, functionality, safety and security needs.  

Others value simplicity, healthfulness or yearn for a sense of community and these preferences usually come first when they are looking for a home.

In reality, getting your perfect residence can be hard but you can find them at a few places like Denver. Whatever the case, you will realize the need to change some things about it from time to time. So, what is it that you are doing to improve the overall design, functionality, and attractiveness of your residential home?


The following are some of the DIY elements that you might need to consider:

·         Color

Many people are afraid to play with colors when it comes to decorating their homes. This is despite the fact that they play a very important role in influencing the mood, size impressions and certain psychological effects among other things. One of the easiest DIY elements for your residential home is redecorating it using not only trendy but unique and attractive color combinations.  You can think of upstaging your white by gray or your existing gray by taupe and so on.

·         Focal points

One of the basic design principles to enhancing the beauty of your residential home is creating a good focal point. Many rooms are designed with focal points in terms of large windows, fireplaces and so on but you can always create your own or enhance an existing one.

In fact, you should create a focal point for each room depending on what you are using it for. For instance, you may want to paint one wall with a different color and then add shelves and artworks pieces that compliment the room. You can also use a large piece of artwork, furniture or mirror as your focal points and then decorate around them.

·         Lighting

The way you light your residential home can make a big difference. Many homes just do with a single ambient light but it is good to layer it with a task and accent lighting as well. Using different types of lighting in each room gives them dimension and highlights particular objects like artworks, paintings and so on. For a healthier option, you may also need to consider UV and LED circadian lighting.

·         Decoration

Most people just decorate their residential homes without following any specific measurements that would otherwise make their rooms look better. Although real estate can be a great investment, this is a DIY that does not require an expert to do it for you since you just need to know how to arrange your furniture or hang your curtains and art.

Also, know how much distance should you keep between your coffee tables and sofas? Other things to consider include the way you mount your curtains, the TV distance as well as placing rugs on the floor.

Everyone wants a place that is more than just a place to live and instead offers a home experience. If you are a student, you need a place that supports your learning, provide you with the amenities that you need and allows you to live a healthy lifestyle.  

In that case, a few residences like UC Davis apartments can sustain your lifestyle as well as support your smart living and everything in between. If you cannot DIY, then choose a residence that has everything done for you.


Why You Should Use A Weighted Blanket

Why You Should Use A Weighted Blanket

I was recently sent a weighted blanket by CMFRT to try out.  I chose the 12 lb blanket. The rule of thumb is 10% of your body weight. I figured my kids could try it also. When I tell people about a weighted blanket they automatically think it’s going to be hot and you will sweat.  Oddly enough it didn’t make me hot at all. There are many reasons why a weighted blanket is something that some people should use. According to their website weighted blankets help with everything below. 

  1. Naturally increase levels of relaxation with Serotonin and Melatonin release
  2. Help reduce stress and anxiety levels by lowering Cortisol levels
  3. Minimize fidgeting, anxiousness and other ADHD effects
  4. Sleep longer and better with a “warm hug” feeling
  5. Reduce symptoms of other sensory and sleep disorders including Insomnia, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Autism, Restless leg syndrome and others.

*(Psychology Today) Link:


My son could never sleep well since he was little so I thought I would let him try it also. I used it the first night and loved it. I didn’t think I would like it so much because I didn’t really think I needed it until I tried it.  I slept so hard and deep with it I was shocked. I have been telling everyone about it. After trying it I think most people need one.  You won’t realize how beneficial it is till you try it.  If you have a child that is restless at night I highly suggest you buy one.  I let my son try it and now I am ordering another one because he liked it so much.  I told my husband that I am going to buy one for everyone on my Christmas list next year.  They come in different sizes and weights.  Check out the entire product list on their website.  They are also on Instagram





Let’s Explore Some Of The Most Common Baby Worries

Let’s Explore Some Of The Most Common Baby Worries

If you’re a new parent, or you’re happily expecting right now, there’s a very good chance you’re quite worried about everything your baby is going to go through after they’re born. Maybe you’re at peace with the fact that you won’t be able to protect them in the same way you could when they were snug in your womb, or maybe you’re wracking your brain for ways you can do everything to make sure they’re happy and healthy for as long as possible under your roof.

Or maybe you want them to be able to experience all the ups and downs of life for themselves, and whilst you’ll do what you can to make sure they’re protected against the worst of the worst, this entire process is natural for you. Either way, no matter what kind of parent you are, you’re still going to be worried about the health of your child from the moment they’re born!

It’s easy to think that after you’ve gone through the entire house to put covers over the plug sockets that the house is a perfectly safe haven. But babies can be sneaky, and every single one is going to have their own challenges for you as the parent, so the work never ends there! Of course you never expected it to, but for once, can’t you just get a break? Thankfully, this post is here to help you counteract anything baby can throw at you, so give the points below a read if you’re out for advice.

Celebrate your little joy bundle! (Source)

Is Breast Milk Really Better for Baby?

A lot of new mothers can feel simply obligated to feed their baby breast milk, but when it comes down to it, the choice really is up to you. You can feed from the breast or you can turn to formula, but there are some hidden benefits for your baby’s health that comes from a diet of natural milk.

When you feed your baby from the breast, you’re going to be giving them all the nutrients they could possibly need, and you don’t have to do any extra work to make sure their bottle is packing an extra punch! There’s a lot of natural immunity that can come from feeding your child in this way, so give it a try if you haven’t yet. But don’t feel guilty if you don’t do this, as formula has the same nutrients your baby needs, and your health and happiness should come first considering it’s your body!

On the other side of things, as a new mother, breastfeeding can help you too. If you’re someone who’s worried about their figure after the birth of their baby, you can better help yourself return to the size you used to be by breastfeeding. Indeed, the act helps you to burn about 500 calories more than you usually would per day, and you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable when it comes to your chest as well!

My Baby Seems to Have a Dry Scalp

Dry scalps are perfectly common in babies, and it’s often just a sign that their bodies are adjusting to the outside world. Don’t let yourself worry over this too much, it can be a startling sight to see, but it should clear itself up with no problems and baby isn’t going to experience any discomfort over it.

At the same time, if you’re worried about babies losing hair, you can also put your fear to bed. Whilst it can be extremely daunting to realise someone you love is losing their hair when they’re an older child or an adult, as a baby, this is once again completely natural. Skin has a lot to adjust to when it’s in such a new and invasive environment like the outside world, and there’s a lot of hormones racing in and out of your baby’s system. Let their bodies do what it needs to and simply keep an eye on things; if you’re extremely worried about the amount of hair or the scalp issues your baby is going through, you can always take them along to a doctor.

My Baby Needs to Burp a Lot

Burping your baby is something you absolutely must do whenever you feed them, as they can be extremely greedy when it comes to guzzling down milk and feed. Because of this, a lot of air can get trapped, and they can actually end up overfeeding themselves, and their stomachs can’t handle this. So stop every now and then, give them a burping session, and then get back to the task at hand.

Don’t worry if your baby tends to spit up a lot either. As mentioned above, this can be simply because there’s too much milk in their system for their stomach to handle, or their stomach muscles are finally exercising their right to bring something back up. Babies have to get used to every single facet of life you can think of after all, and that includes throwing up things that could be harmful or not right for them.

How Do I Bond Best with My Baby?

Bonding is something every parent and child does differently, so don’t feel bad if you spot some new parents fawning over a happy smiley baby when you’re out and about. If you’ve never been in the same position as them, it’s no matter really;  you’ve got your own ways to connect with your child, and they’ve come to expect certain behaviours from you.

Of course you should always try to cuddle your baby, as contact is one of the best surefire ways to make sure your child feels safe and loved, and comes to see you as the best caregiver in the world. However, if baby tends to push you away when this happens, be sure to try something different, and never give up on the matter!

Try holding your baby in different ways, or simply spend some time on the floor with them, playing with toys and pointing out interesting things for them to look out. No matter what you do, as long as you’re with your baby, making sure they know you’re there, you’re going to be bonding well.

As a Mother, Should I Feel Exhausted?

You’re going through the nights with little sleep, you’re constantly there for someone who depends entirely on you, and you’re using your own body to make sure they’re getting all the nutrients they need…honestly, of course you should! But a new parent can feel bad when they think about all the times their child has cried, pooped everywhere, peed on them, and made messes, and realise they hate quite a lot of the things a baby ends up doing.

Don’t let yourself feel guilty about this, you’re never expected to love everything about another person in any other walk of life! Trust on this: those new mothers you see out and about, constantly rocking their child and looking blissful have the same moments of tearing their hair out that you do, and they want to collapse into bed at the end of the day as well.


Honestly, half the problems babies go through are extremely common at the end of the day, and nature has us worrying for nothing! So don’t let yourself get into any kind of extreme panics when it comes to your baby; they’re discovering the world like you’re discovering being a parent, and it’s difficult for everyone involved to


6 Ways to Keep Yourself Looking Young

6 Ways to Keep Yourself Looking Young

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We all want to stay looking young.  Unfortunately, the majority of potions we put on our skin tend to be superficial quick fixes that don’t provide sustainable benefits.  Indeed, prevention is often the best cure in terms of ensuring you remain youthful looking, yet a lot of it does, unfortunately, come down to genes and facial structure.  

The good news is that this article isn’t just skin deep, it’s all about natural things you can do to keep looking and feeling younger; a life of more energy and vitality.  If you’re looking to upgrade your appearance these six tips will help you in your quest to look more vibrant and radiant this summer.



Experts recommend we have between six and nine hours sleep each night.  If you’re a light sleeper then you might want to consider hypnotherapy or guided relaxation audio books to ensure you’re getting the deep sleep you require, where your brain frequency slows down sufficiently to fully replenish and repair you body.

It might be worth looking into Feng Shui too, as you can have the most amazing furniture for a bedroom but if qi is flowing in a way that is counterproductive to sleep it might be worth considering this ancient practice.


It can take up to 6 weeks to feel the effects of getting a good night’s sleep, but once you do, you will see a reduction in the dark circles around your eyes and will feel a profound increase in your energy levels.  


A good way to make sure you fall asleep on time is to slowly wind down your evening.  Try not to watch TV, or be on your phone or laptop, just before going to bed; many experts recommend reading from a book (not a backlit digital device) as a good way to wind down.


We all know it’s important to moisturise and replenish our skin on a daily basis to keep it soft and looking young, you might therefore want to consider moisturising with a natural and organic product like aloe vera.  However, moisturisation isn’t the only aspect of skin care; it’s important you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful, and ageing rays, with a safe sunscreen.  A further consideration, if you wear make-up, is that you remove the make up each night in order to avoid clogged pores.


We are often keen to reach for a magic cream to replenish our skin without realising that our skin is an external representation of our internal biology.  If you want younger looking more radiant skin (and hair) then ensure you’re eating plenty of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils that will enrich your body with important nutrients to replenish skin and hair.   



Getting up and doing some cardiovascular exercise doesn’t mean you have to turn yourself into a gym bunny; this could be as simple as starting your day off with a brisk walk, going for a little cycle each day or getting a decent swim in a few times a week.  There’s a lot of talk about how household chores, in particular gardening, can be good for you fitness which is true but shouldn’t be a substitute for focused exercise.


Not only does exercise help keep you lean, and mentally sharp, it has been proven to boost your energy levels which will ensure you feel young as well as look younger.  If you don’t fancy going to your local gym, then head out for a walk or run with your music or get a group of friends together in order to motivate each other.



Very few of us drink enough water, on a daily basis, yet drinking water is absolutely vital for the function of all our organs… and in particular, staying hydrated really helps our skin, as dehydration often leads to tired looking dull skin.  In fact, did you know that one of the causes for dark circles around your eyes is due to dehydration – which is why they tend to be much more pronounced when hungover.



Getting a trendy haircut isn’t only great for your self-esteem and personal pride, it’s a fantastic way to look and feel younger.  It’s important to have an age appropriate haircut, as otherwise it’ll have the opposite effect – and, depending on your age, it could make you look like you’re the victim of a midlife crisis.  Keeping on top of your personal appearance is one of the most fundamental things you can do to look and feel younger.



In a similar vein to keeping your hairstyle current and on trend, it’s important to choose your wardrobe wisely – as the clothes you wear are a reflection of who you are on the inside; and remember like attracts like – if you wear fun, bold and vibrant clothes you’ll attract fun, bold and vibrant people.


There are, however, two camps when it comes to fashion; those that care and those that don’t… many readers will find themselves leaning toward the camp of not caring so much but there’s a good analogy for fashion which is relevant to both camps.  


Picture yourself going to a trade show, where there’s lots of stands all bidding for your attention – several of the stands look very basic, boring and simple (you probably pass these by) whereas the stands that are colourful, interesting, and different grab your attention and absorb you.  


That’s the power of the clothes we wear; if you’re wanting to grab people’s attention (in a positive or negative way) then you can do that with the clothes you wear – but similarly, you can blend in and remain unnoticed.  


Don’t underestimate the power of fashion, and try not to limit yourself to thinking of fashion as something reserved for the catwalk.  You are a walking billboard conveying a message to the world of who you are on the inside!

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How To DIY Your Own Wedding

How To DIY Your Own Wedding

Many brides and grooms are choosing to DIY their own weddings with the help of friends and family. You can save some time and money by doing the big day preparations yourself. Moreover, cramming your weekends full of wedding planning activities will give you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality with your friends and family.


Unless you are a talented tailor, you should leave the wedding dressmaking to the experts. If you are shopping online for wedding dresses such as bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaid gowns from Azazie, make sure that you get the best. Here are some tips that will help you to DIY your wedding:


You should invite some of your friends who love the crafts to help you design some wedding stationery. If you are designing some invitations or save the date cards, you should hand make them individually or use the computer. When making your own stationery, you can create the design that you have always wanted and make it as personal as you want.


When it comes to wedding food, you can bake your own cake if you are good at baking. Just make sure that you set aside enough time before the wedding for baking and decorating the cake. Doing so will help you to avoid last minute stress. If you do not have time to decorate the cake yourself, you should write a set of instructions and ask a friend to do it for you.


Depending on your wedding venue, you can do the cooking yourself. If you want to save money, you should leave breakfast to the professionals and cook the evening meals. You can also ask your friends and family members to bring a dish to the reception if you do not have the time to cook a whole buffet.


If you are willing to learn how to choose and arrange flowers, you should head to the local flower market and ask for advice from the florists. Buying and arranging the wedding flowers for yourself can help you to save money. You are going to need some pretty ribbons and vases to pull off this part.


If you do not want to spend money on flowers, you can pluck them from your garden or a friend’s garden. This means that you have to choose blooms that are in season at the time of the wedding. However, if you have your heart set on a specific set of flowers, you should probably go with a florist.


You can also create your own wedding favors to save money. You can choose to collect sweetie jars and fill them with edible gifts or bake your own pastries. If you do not want to waste time thinking about party favors, you can just order sweets in bulk.


Film Your Own Wedding

If you have already hired a photographer to capture the magical moments between you and your spouse, you might not have enough money for a videographer as well. The biggest regret that most newlyweds have is not taking videos of their wedding. You should enlist the help of a few good friends and ask them to take turns to film your big day.



Whether you want to use jars and candles or centerpieces to decorate your wedding, you have endless possibilities from which you can choose. Just make sure that you choose a theme and stick with it.

DIYing your own wedding is something that will save money. If you follow the above tips, you can have the wedding of your dreams for much cheaper.

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Is your Sunscreen Safe?

Is your Sunscreen Safe?

Mineral Sunscreen Buying Guide

Mineral sunscreens are one of the most effective forms of UV protection that are available to the public. Today, there are many options available at drugstores and even in supermarkets. But did you know that not all natural sunscreens are safe? It’s true, just because a product contains mineral sunscreen ingredients does not mean it is free from harsh chemicals, including chemical sunscreens. So, what features should you look for in a safe, mineral sunscreen? 

What are Mineral Sunscreens?

Mineral Sunscreens are made with mineral sunscreen ingredients, which are para-aminobenzoic (PABA), zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Both ingredients create a physical barrier on the skin that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Unlike chemical sunscreens that take around 30 minutes to become effective, mineral sunscreens are effective right after applied. 

Many brands have been adding mineral sunscreen ingredients to their sun protection products for years. The issue is that they are just adding the ingredients to old formulas, instead of formulating a natural mineral sunscreen. Most of these sunscreens still have the chemical sunscreen ingredients, preservatives and other harsh chemicals in them. 

Issues with Chemical Sunscreens

Like other chemicals in body care products, the ingredients in chemical sunscreens accumulate in breast milk and body fat. These chemicals have also been linked to hormonal disruptions, low sperm counts, and allergic reactions.

The major issue of using chemical sunscreens is that they are less effective at protecting you against harmful UV damage. Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV rays, which allows UVA rays to penetrate deep into the skin. UVA rays are the ones that cause wrinkles and skin cancer. There has also been research completed that shows that some chemical sunscreens oxidize under the sun’s rays, which increases the potential of free radial formation and this increases a person’s risk for wrinkles and skin cancer. 

Chemical sunscreen ingredients include Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octocrylene, Octisalate, Octinoxate, and Oxybenzone. 

Should I Buy Natural or Organic Sunscreen?

Natural has become a popular marketing word, even though many products labeled with ‘natural’ still have harsh chemicals in them. The best option is to buy a mineral sunscreen that is made with organic ingredients. 

There are three levels of organic labeling. “100% Organic” means that a product is made only using certified organic ingredients. The “Organic” label is for products that are made with at least 95% organic ingredients. “Made with organic ingredients” are products made with at least 70% organic ingredients. 

“100% Organic” and “Organic” products may have the USDA Organic seal, but “made with organic ingredients” may not carry a seal and can have up to three certified organic ingredients printed on the front label. However, products made with less than 70% organic ingredients can only list the organic ingredients on the back label. 

How to find the Right Sunscreen for You and Your Family?

Depending on where you are shopping, there could be dozens of options of sunscreens for you to pick from. Even if you decide that you are going to buy a mineral sunscreen, you will still have many options to pick from. Many times, deciding which sunscreen is right for you can be overwhelming. Here is a list of features you should be looking for.  

  • Protection

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and is a measurement of how long a sunscreen will protect you from UVB rays. The amount of time that a sunscreen can be calculated using this equation:

Minutes to burn without sunscreen x SPF number = maximum sun exposure time 

However, this equation is not always accurate because most of us do not use the amount of sunscreen we really need. Researchers say that the amount of time calculated using the above should be halved in order to better protect your skin. 

  • Board Spectrum 

Above we mentioned that SPF only is how much a sunscreen protects you from UVB rays. Sunscreens that protect from UVA rays are labeled as Board Spectrum. Some sunscreens will also say that they protect against UVA, but this is not required. 

  • Sweat and Water Resistant

Products are not allowed to claim to be sweat-proof or waterproof anymore. They are only sweat and water resistant for a specific amount of time, which can be either 40 or 80 minutes. The sunscreen may have list the amount of time that they are sweat and water resistant on their label. Just keep in mind that you should also reapply the sunscreen after sweating or swimming and drying off with a towel. 

  • Ingredients

The reality is that natural and healthier skin care products have become more popular in the last decade, and many brands are starting to market their products as ‘green’ or ‘natural’. However, many ‘natural’ sunscreens use a combination of chemical and mineral sunscreen ingredients. 

If you are wondering what is in a sunscreen, you can check the back label of the product. The ingredients that provide UV protection are listed as ‘active ingredients’ and are listed above the other ingredients.  Mineral sunscreen ingredients are para-aminobenzoic (PABA), zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. 

Along with the active ingredients, you should also check the non-active ingredients. These ingredients could hide harsh chemicals or the sunscreen could have allergens.  If you are looking for an organic sunscreen, the organic ingredients should be listed as organic at the top of the ingredient list. 

  • Expiration Date  

All sunscreens are required to have an expiration date somewhere on the packaging. This could be stamped into the tube’s closure or be printed on the bottle. Sunscreen is similar to medicine because it starts losing its effectiveness after the expiration date has passed. It is recommended that you do not use sunscreens that are expired as it may not be effective. 

  • Type of Sunscreen

When you are shopping for a sunscreen, you may find some products that are labeled as “facial sunscreen” or for “kids”. Facial sunscreens often contain moisturisers, are lightweight, non-greasy and are better for sensitive and delicate areas.  Nearly all sunscreens can be used on the face, so facial sunscreens are only really helpful if your body sunscreen breaks you out. 

Kids and Baby formulated sunscreens are developed with kids in mind. They often come in bright-colored packaging but are often times the same product as the adult version. The kid’s formula may have a different fragrance and may not contain chemicals that could cause tearing or stinging. The reality is that you can use the same sunscreen on you and your kids. However, keep in mind that children under six months should never have sunscreen applied to them. Instead, you should use a hat and long-sleeve clothing to keep their skin covered. 

  • Cost

The cost of a sunscreen is often based on the brand and the store that you are shopping at. Mineral organic sunscreens are often more expensive than other options. However, you can find safe, effective mineral sunscreens at all price points. You need to keep in mind that just because a sunscreen costs more, does not mean that it is more effective. 

Sun protection is important all year round because the sun produces UV rays every day. The amount of sun that you get per day changes depending on the time of year you are outdoors. You should apply sunscreen before spending any amount of time outside, no matter what type of sunscreen that you pick.