I was recently sent a book to review called 1,033 reasons to smile.  I thought the title was a great title that would catch people’s eye. It is a really cute book that really does give you reasons to smile.  It has so many ideas and reasons that will put a smile on your face.  For example, some of them are: popping bubble wrap, the sound of a bottle of champagne being opened,green buds on trees at the start of spring,you didn’t get trampled to death at a Target at the start of Black Friday. (lol) No line at the DMV.  This book is the perfect book to give someone as a birthday gift, or to someone who is in the hospital, Christmas, or for a laugh to anyone.  It was written by Elizabeth Dutton. She really has put together a book that you will will want to finish to the end of it and will find it easy to finish.  Some of the ideas are laugh out loud funny. This book should be kept in reach all day.  It really will put a smile on your face.  It is available on Amazon and your local bookseller.

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