I was sent the book GET REAL by Mara Rockliff by the publisher (running press) to review. I have been reading this book and became interested in it right away. To give you an idea what it is about I will quote the back of the book. It says ” Allowances, after-school jobs, babysitting- where does all that moey go? American teens and tweens spend an estimated $121 Billion annually on top of the $1.88 trillion their parents shell out for them. That kind of buying power has a major impact on the planet and it’s people.” This book explains what you are buying when you buy your usual day to day stuff. Where it comes from , how it’s made and what the effect is. How to get past the shiny packaging. The book is not some rant telling you what to buy. I became very interested in it. It tells you how to make better choices with what you buy and how to tell your kids the cause and effect of their buying choices. From chocolate to underwear,organic food to GMO’s, it’s in there. I HIGHLY recommend this book. It is an easy read. The book is only about 112 pages including the table of contents. If I was not already sent the book to review I would probably of bought it anyway. It is the type of book that interests me. If you would like to order the book it is offered on Amazon. Here is the link.