I was sent a copy of a new children’s book called I SLEEP IN MY OWN BED BY GLENN WRIGHT. It is a large high gloss full color paperback style book that is perfect size for children. Soon as it arrived my daughter seen the book and wanted it right away. Its eye catching and cute. It is great for children who do not want to sleep in their own room and want to sleep with their parents or on the couch. It explains why his bedroom is the best place to sleep in the house and why no where else is better. The boy in the story tells the reader why he does not sleep in the living room, bathroom, doghouse, his brothers bedroom, etc.  Its a very cute and to the point book that will help toddlers be comfortable sleeping in their own room because its their room and has their things in it amongst other reasons the character explains.  Your child will love the character because he is cute and funny and any child would be able to relate to the character.  Its also a great book to give as a gift to other parents who are struggling with the problem of their child not wanting to sleep in their own room. I really don’t know too many kids who don’t have this issue at one time or another. Any child will love this book because of the easy to follow story and great illustration. It is available on Amazon.com or at your local bookseller.


You can also check out www.ISLEEPINMYOWNBED.com