I have been asked to review a second book by Annie Daulter. It is called Ice PopJoy. I have reviewed her last book called Organically raised: Conscience cooking for babies and toddlers. http://yourorganicchild.com/health/book-review-of-organically-raised-by-anni-daulter/ Ice Pop Joy recipes are so unique. Anyone who looks for ways to get their child to eat healthier food will love this book. The book is filled with recipes for popsicles that have healthy ingredients in them. Before seeing this book I would of never thought of putting vegetables or tofu in a popsicle. I think it is a genius idea. The recipes are easy and looking at them there is no difference between them and any other popsicle. When you try them you will be shocked on how good they are. You would think by adding something like spinach in a popsicle it would not taste good but it does. I made the popsicle recipe from the book called Green Machine. It calls for spinach. My kids did not know there was spinach in it till I told them. They really liked it. There are recipes in the book that call for herbs like cilantro and mint and herbal tea. Who would of ever thought of putting those ingredients in a popsicle before. My next popsicle from the book I am going to try is the Lavender Flower Power popsicle. My daughter will love it because it is pretty and girlish. It calls for lavender extract and edible lavender flowers. This books recipes are very interesting and the pictures in the book are high resolution and bright. I am planning on buying a couple copies and giving them out as gifts with some popsicle molds. With summer coming this book is the perfect companion. Get yourself some bpa free popsicle molds and this book and have fun with it. Let your kids join in with making them and choosing the recipes. You will see how easy it is to get your children to eat healthy. The book is available on Amazon.com and local book sellers Check out her website for great recipes and tips http://www.annidaulter.com/