Jacob’s Eye Patch is a book about a boy named Jacob who is based on the authors son. He is regular boy but with one difference, he has an eye patch. He is used to people stopping his mom on the street to ask about him but in the story he is rushing to go to the toy store to get a toy he wants and doesn’t want anyone stopping them to ask about him. He doesn’t want to miss out on getting the toy because of people asking his mom about him. In the book he meets another girl who is different too. This is a great book to read to your child to teach them about differences in other people. How everyone should be treated the same even though they may have difference with how they look or what they are able to do. Jacob is a likable character and kids will sure to have compassion after reading the story. They will see that Jacob is not much different than them. Every child will love Jacob after reading this story. The illustrations by Jules Feiffer are wonderful also.

My daughter loved the story and decided to donate the book to her school library so other children can enjoy the book. This book makes a great gift. Its available at Amazon.com and most booksellers. It’s also available as a kindle book.

There is an activity book that you can download with the book at the link. http://www.jacobseyepatch.com/_kit/Tip-Sheet.pdf

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