I was recently asked to review Recyclo-Gami by Laurie Goldrich Wolf. It is a art and craft book but the big difference this book has over other arts and crafts books is that you use supplies that most people already have in their home. The book has 40 crafts and these crafts are all easy and cool to make. For example there is a project to make a planter or catch all buckets with woven fabric using an empty ice cream carton. There is also one for a corkboard. The projects in the book are for things that will actually have use after. These projects are great even for an older child. There are great things to make to decorate your bedroom. from napkin rings to decorated lampshades, there are really good ideas in this book. I have looked through a lot of different arts and craft books for kids and most of them you need to go out and purchase things for it and it can get costly. This book is time saving and you are just recycling things that you would end up throwing out. There is another craft using an egg carton to plant flowers. This book is great for rainy days and your kids are bored or even a nice day and these projects can be done outside.

Amazon sell the book and also any other book store sells it or can order it.