I have been reading several articles on the internet about people who have been buying Cascadian Farms cereal for years found out that there is now added sugar in the Purely O’s cereal. Cascadian Farm, now owned by Big Food General Mills: quietly changed the recipe for its Purely O’s cereal previously an unsweetened cereal aimed towards children to include three times the sugar, as well as new fillers and sweeteners such as corn meal and tapioca syrup. They did this with no announcement on the label. Loyal customers, particularly parents who had chosen this product because it was one of the few unsweetened options available, are outraged by this secretive yet major reformulation. I have been buying this cereal for a couple years and this is the first I have heard of this. I went to the Cascadian Farms website and there are a lot of complaints on their blog. People are saying that they will never buy their cereal again. What do you think about the switch? Considering it was done without any warning I know I will not buy the cereal any longer. I try to avoid cereal with a lot of sugar anyway. Would love to hear what you think also.
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