I was sent several different products from customearthpromos.com.recently. Customeearthpromos.com is a company that sells earth friendly products that you can put your company logo on for advertising. For example they have bpa friendly water bottles, note pads, lanyards, recycled bags and seeded paper and bookmarks to name a few. The products are high quality and things that anyone would love to receive. They are all eco friendly. I received several different bpa free water bottles and 2 recycled bags that can be used instead of paper or plastic bags. To say my kids were excited about the water bottles and bags is an understatement. They already put them to use.  There were no issues with leaking and they were easy to clean. Their water bottles are the trendiest and coolest water bottles that you see on the market. Their prices are really low. These are the same water bottles you see on the market for $15 to $40. I think its an excellent advertising tool to give away these water bottles and bags to get your company name out there. They sell to large corporations and small companies.
Here are a few of the water and coffee bottles and bags they sell

I really liked the products and am definitely going to look into ordering some for advertising. Take a look at their site and you will definitely see something that you will like. These items are great for advertising your blog also.