The lure of TV, video games, and the internet has played a major role in modern society’s obesity crisis among children. Frankly, getting the kids off of the sofa is one of the hardest challenges facing all parents. You’ve probably tried a host of intricate plans in a bid to win the war. However, as with many things in life, the simple solution is often the best. In truth, the humble back garden may be the greatest weapon in your arsenal by far.

Before thinking too much about the garden’s appeal, you must focus on its suitability. Protecting the backyard is particularly vital when you intend to invest money in new products and valuables. Keeping burglars at bay with the right plant selections is a great starting point. Then again, you shouldn’t only think about the threat of intruders. Given that you can’t keep your eyes on the kids at all times, fixing the gates and locks should be one of the top items on the agenda.


If the garden has previously gone unloved, you’ll need to declutter it before making new additions. This in itself can be a fun activity, especially when you incentivize the kids with the promise of a new garden toy. This is also a great opportunity to discuss the garden with them to see what types of activities they may wish to enjoy in the brand new backyard.

Those activities can be educational as well as fun too. Growing fruit and vegetables teaches kids about healthy eating while giving them a project to care about. Use Naturally Savvy tutorials to make it more engaging. It won’t get in the way of academic learning, but it may reduce their PlayStation time. Still, there needs to be a genuine sense of enjoyment too.

 Garden games can range from the simple ideas like bat and ball and trampolines to swimming pools and luxury items. The options at your disposal may be influenced by budgets, physical dimensions, and geography. Still, all families should have very few problems finding a way to keep their kids occupied without reverting to hours on Netflix.


The garden is one of the best places for kids to spend energy, and can also be the safest. It gives you a great chance to keep an eye on them too, which is hugely beneficial for all parents. Build a structure with the help of True North Plans to turn the place into a hosting venue for your children to have their friends over. They’ll maintain a sense of privacy while remaining safe. Better still, it’ll add value to the property.

There’s nothing wrong with kids using technology. In fact, the pool house may be equipped with some of their favorite gadgets. Likewise, teens are likely to share their adventures with friends on social media. Nevertheless, a great outdoor space at home will get them off of the sofa to spend their leisure hours in a far more productive fashion. Quite frankly, that’s all any parent could ever ask for.