I came across a recipe to make Calandula oil recently. I went to Whole Foods and bought some organic dried calendula flowers. I made some today but it won’t be ready for about a week. It needs to sit in a jar in the sun till then. The recipe is as follows:

Take about a hand full of the dried calendula flowers and put them in a clean dry mason jar. The jar needs to be very clean and completely dry or the oil will become rancid. I put mine in the dishwasher and let it dry over a period of a couple days before I used it. After placing the calendula in the jar pour a high quality olive oil over the leaves and fill the jar. Close the cap well and place in the sun for about 7 days. ( a warm window sill will work) After a week you can strain the flowers out and then use the oil. Calendula is great on irritated skin. Only use the oil topically. If the oil becomes rancid throw it out, do not use it on the skin. I will post after 7 days on how mine came out. Her are some pictures of the process.
place the calendula in the jar
pour the olive oil over the calendula
close the cap and place in the sun