With allergy season upon us, everyone is looking for ways to help their allergy symptoms. In some parts of the country they are having record pollen counts. I know it is affecting my kids this year. I mentioned before about using raw local honey but there are some other natural ways that may help.

Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water throughout the day can relieve they symptoms from blowing their nose too much and sneezing

Taking a steam shower or just a warm bath can help. Children should not stay in a steam shower too long and should be monitored. The warmth of the bath can relieve sinus pressure too.

Use a humidifier. The moisture in the air can help with breathing and pressure.

Use a neti pot or store bought saline to squirt up the nose. I know people that insist on the neti-pot. It can rinse the nose of the irritants and help with congestion. I have always used the saline on my kids but either one is said to work.

Avoid certain foods, bananas, melons, cucumbers can aggravate symptoms

Some herbal remedies can help. Contact an herbalist to see which ones can help your child. When the pollen is high staying indoors will help. Changing your clothes after coming in from outdoors also. Let us know what other things have helped you and your children. We would love to hear what else works.