Overwhelmed by all the potential dangers of indoor chemical and air pollutants? If creating a safe, organic environment for your kid seems overwhelming at times, you’ll appreciate this simple infographic approach to eliminating four of the top chemical threats in your home and improving indoor air quality. This cute graphic also gives you clear-cut solutions to eliminate BPA plastics, toxic cleaning products, and unhealthy hand soaps from your home and offers advice on keeping your indoor air fresh.

Many people are not yet aware of the risks associated with plastic. Hard plastics that contain BPA can be a source of brain and behavior issues in infants and young children, among other health issues. The infographic gives clear information about which plastics you need to avoid and what to look for instead. There’s also a clear, concise list of home cleaning chemicals to avoid and some organic alternatives. When it comes to healthy indoor air, it’s better to skip the chemical air fresheners and focus on solutions like replacing your HVAC filters instead. Replace fragrance-laden or antibacterial soaps with simple hand soap and teach your kids to wash for 20 seconds at a time to prevent illness.

As a parent who values organic living, you already know that a chemical-free home will help protect your children from toxins and allergens. But it’s easy to be confused by conflicting advice and complex analyses of household chemicals. That’s why this simple graphic that focuses on easy solutions is such a welcome approach. 


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