We’re not going to tell you to don your scrubs and grab a paintbrush, because those are the home improvements that everyone seems to speak about. It’s always about stripping the walls, and changing them completely. Or it might be about adding a new sofa into your living room, or removing a stain that has been sat in your carpet hidden by the rug for far too long now. It’s the new year, so we’re going to inject a little bit of excitement into our home improvement article. We’re sure you can all agree that it has been a hard few days adjusting back to normal life after the rush and excitement of the Christmas period, and everything just goes a little bit dull, doesn’t it? So, here are some of the home improvements that we think you should make, how you can easily do them, and how to make sure you have fun whilst doing them!

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Get Some Fresh Air

Ew, it’s cold. Have you not just muttered this to yourself!? Yes, the comfort of your home can be all too inviting at this time of year, but there’s nothing better for you than some fresh air and the great outdoors. Plus, whilst you’re busy doing what we’re about to suggest, you actually will work up a sweat. If the sun is out as well, you’ll be getting all of that vitamin D goodness that’s going to make you feel like a million dollars. Anyway, enough about your feelings, how can you make your garden look pretty? Well, one thing we think you can do is focus on your front lawn, and have a look at some metal fence materials. If you section off the front of your home with a painted metal fence, it already looks smarter. A gate at the front to open is also super cute because you can put little sign posts on them. We just think it looks so much smarter, and the only task you then have to do is mow the lawn, and maybe put a few hanging baskets out! As for the back of your house, this is where the creative side comes out. Think about all of the colours you can use with flowers, and all of the garden ornaments you can place around to add some character. A garden is definitely a work in progress, and you’ll find yourself out there every week or so tending to it to make sure it’s perfect.

Creative DIY

Now back into the comfort of your own home, but don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to strip the wallpaper and put something new back on. We think you should take an interest into upcycling, and whether there’s anything you could do it to in your home. It’s the process of taking something that was ready for the bin, and making it look brand new again. There are plenty of upcycling articles on the internet to talk you through the process in much more detail than we would be able to. But generally, it’s a fun little project, and you can truly create some masterpieces with it.