Can You Really Make An Organic Home?

Can You Really Make An Organic Home?

Being eco friendly in your life means starting at home. You can’t work with the outside world in the best way possible unless you’re already crafting your inside world to be as energy efficient and green as possible! But that’s hard to introduce to your life, and can be even harder to keep to when you’re on a strict budget and come home from work each day with the want to relax and nothing else!

Living as green as the moss that grows on the side of your house is going to take time and effort, there’s no doubt about that. When even cleaning safely is something that can be hard to do, with all the chemicals out there that you shouldn’t ever mix together being available for general sale, it’s going to take some planning to follow through on the rest! However, let those effort draining thoughts stop right there!

You see, it’s easier than you think to get your organic dwelling up and running, and there’s a good chance you’re already putting many of the techniques into practice. Take the time now to get yourself that plan together by reading down this post; here’s the tips you’ve been waiting for.


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Focus on the Air

The air in your house is the main thing to be looking after in your effort to go greener, as healthy air means healthy breathing, which in turn promotes much better health in everyone who lives in your household. And because of that, it’s time to start dehumidifying the space around you, and buying products that aren’t going to add anymore pollutants to the air indoors. It might be fresh enough outside, but your living room is going to have something else to say about that matter!

You’re never going to quite be able to tell how healthy your air actually is, but when it comes down to it, your breathing ability is going to be able to speak for itself. Let’s get started with some preparation: if you’re living in an area that’s heavily industrialised, or just otherwise crowded, you’re going to need to make sure your indoor air is so much more healthy than what you breathe outside. After all, there’s already going to be heavy chances of smog when you head out and about in these areas, you don’t want to create your own kind of smog indoors.

First of all, keep those windows open. Yes, there’s going to be a lot of pollutants out there, but there’s also the rest of the world out there, so you can easily filter in and out all the good and bad stuff. Plus, it’s the easiest way to make sure your rooms are ventilated, and you can create a wind tunnel throughout your house to make sure there’s some flow going on. Then you’re going to need to buy yourself some spare filters on the regular and change them in your heater or air conditioner about once a month. Don’t worry, this will soon turn into a habit!

Remember, a single houseplant can do a lot for making sure your air is just that bit purer! (Image)

Get the Right Lighting

We all know we should be using energy efficient bulbs in our lighting fixtures, but how many of us actually do? One quick way to make your house greener in the world’s eyes is to get some LED or otherwise efficient bulbs (and you can find a handy list of those here), and quickly screw them in for brighter rooms that’ll stay bright for 8 or so years on end. When it comes to performance, the bulbs that save your energy really do last a lot longer than any other!

You’re going to save a lot of money here as well! Seeing as a hefty amount of your overall bill budget goes towards the need to light your home, it’s going to be a Godsend for you to look into these options. They usually cost less in the shops as well, so you can immediately start saving those pennies to put back into the rainy day fund or for a fun outdoor adventure for you and the kids!

And hey, the way your lighting looks really completes a room. Don’t underestimate how that drop down chandelier is going to fan out the glow, making it much more cozy to eat and relax in your dining room.  

Know Your Service Options

So now that you’ve gone through the effort of making sure that your air is cleaner and your light is brighter and better than ever, it’s time to supplement your own work with someone else’s ability. You can’t fix everything that goes wrong in your household yourself; you’re not a plumber or an electrician, no matter how much you might like DIY. But don’t worry, there’s an easy way to find people to rely on as well, and not just advice from your Dad or calling your sister out to help!

Whenever you need to call someone out to deal with a problem in your home, make sure you’re calling the right company with the right methods. Always check out reviews online, and take recommendations from friends and family to heart; they have the same interests in making their house as green as you do. Companies like that of ABC Home & Commercial would be a good choice here, if you’re looking for a starting point. All sorts of problems can be fixed under one company’s jurisdiction, so always search their options on the homepage before you spend even more money hopping on someone else’s bandwagon.

Get Some Natural Furniture

And by that we don’t mean you need to start sitting on chairs made of leaves and have carpets of moss throughout your house. No, instead we mean get some furniture you know is made of pure wood, and there’s nothing toxic within the material or on the sofa. You can manage this very easily with your coffee table, but make sure it extends to your sofas, cushions, bedspreads, rugs etc. There’s a lot of companies out there who specialise in these items, considering the serious market that’s developing for them, so you’re never going to be short of options when you go looking.

When it comes to keeping these items clean and tidy, there’s a lot you can do to make sure there’s nothing harmful going onto your surfaces, possibly polluting your recently clean air or coming into close contact with skin. For example, you can find a recipe for polish here, and that will only need to be used once a week or so. Making sure you’re not living surrounded by dust is a serious matter after all (it’s never quite going to go away!).

Ready to Get Started on Green Living?

An organic home could easily be yours in a few easy steps, so never underestimate the power you hold to make sure your home is a green as the leaves on the trees. It’s a standard more of us should hold ourselves to, and it’s always going to be in everyone’s best interests.

Don’t worry, there’s a lot more you can do if you really want to go the extra mile. But even just trying your hardest to conserve inside your own home is going to be enough. You can’t control the big wide world after all, just your own little one right here at home!


The Positivity Project: Organizing Your Mind And Eliminating Negativity

The Positivity Project: Organizing Your Mind And Eliminating Negativity


Becoming more positive is possible for even the grumpiest person. It just takes a little practice, and a little determination. It’s no secret that people who have a more positive perspective on the world are happier and healthier. Your mindset is absolutely everything. It can change the way you act, whether you reach your goals or not, and even whether you want to get out of bed in the morning.

Working on your positivity is always a good thing, and it’s never too late to do it. In order to begin feeling more positive, you need to organize your mind and work on eliminating negativity. Here are some pointers you can use to help you work towards that:

Start Meditating

Organizing your mind first starts with meditating. It isn’t just for monks! Meditation is becoming increasingly popular in western culture because more and more people are waking up to the incredible benefits. Do your own research on meditation and you’ll quickly see what we’re talking about. Meditation can help you to be more creative, reduce anxiety and depression, help aspects of physical health, and of course, help you to have more clarity and feel happier too.

Meditation is something that the entire population could benefits from. You don’t have to start off doing it for an hour, or even half an hour. Start off by doing it for just 2 minutes. Stick to that for a few weeks, before moving up to 5. You can add more and more time until you’re meditating every day for at least 20 minutes.

Exercise In The Morning

Exercising in the morning will get you set up for the day. You should find that it helps you to stay focused on the rest of your tasks for the day, as you’ve already completed one amazing thing. You don’t have the rest of the day to make up excuses to not go then either. You’ll get those endorphins that make you feel happy and the rest of your day should go to plan.

Eat Foods That Make You Feel Great

You should notice that some foods will make you feel vibrant and energized, while others make you feel sluggish. You know when you get that dreaded afternoon slump? It can be down to the foods you’re eating. Eat more natural, whole foods. Learn more about nutrition so you can make smarter choices.

Do Things You Really Enjoy In Your Spare Time

If you’re all work and no play, then what’s the point in any of this at all? Do things you really enjoy in your spare time. Teach yourself new things. Master a new skill. Have lots of fun! Check out sites like to teach yourself ukelele, or watch some YouTube tutorials and see if you can knit. Try lots of things until you find something that you really want to stick with.

Have A Clear Out

Clearing out the junk from your life is physical, but it can feel mental too. You should feel lighter and more free. Be vigilant!

DIY Elements for Your Residential Home

DIY Elements for Your Residential Home

The idea of a perfect residence may be different from one person to another but there are some features that most people look for in a home. The design of a home is something that architects, builders, and interior designers put so much effort in order to meet the ever-increasing customer satisfaction. Majority of people want a home with unique and smart features that will meet their lifestyle, entertainment, functionality, safety and security needs.  

Others value simplicity, healthfulness or yearn for a sense of community and these preferences usually come first when they are looking for a home.

In reality, getting your perfect residence can be hard but you can find them at a few places like Denver. Whatever the case, you will realize the need to change some things about it from time to time. So, what is it that you are doing to improve the overall design, functionality, and attractiveness of your residential home?


The following are some of the DIY elements that you might need to consider:

·         Color

Many people are afraid to play with colors when it comes to decorating their homes. This is despite the fact that they play a very important role in influencing the mood, size impressions and certain psychological effects among other things. One of the easiest DIY elements for your residential home is redecorating it using not only trendy but unique and attractive color combinations.  You can think of upstaging your white by gray or your existing gray by taupe and so on.

·         Focal points

One of the basic design principles to enhancing the beauty of your residential home is creating a good focal point. Many rooms are designed with focal points in terms of large windows, fireplaces and so on but you can always create your own or enhance an existing one.

In fact, you should create a focal point for each room depending on what you are using it for. For instance, you may want to paint one wall with a different color and then add shelves and artworks pieces that compliment the room. You can also use a large piece of artwork, furniture or mirror as your focal points and then decorate around them.

·         Lighting

The way you light your residential home can make a big difference. Many homes just do with a single ambient light but it is good to layer it with a task and accent lighting as well. Using different types of lighting in each room gives them dimension and highlights particular objects like artworks, paintings and so on. For a healthier option, you may also need to consider UV and LED circadian lighting.

·         Decoration

Most people just decorate their residential homes without following any specific measurements that would otherwise make their rooms look better. Although real estate can be a great investment, this is a DIY that does not require an expert to do it for you since you just need to know how to arrange your furniture or hang your curtains and art.

Also, know how much distance should you keep between your coffee tables and sofas? Other things to consider include the way you mount your curtains, the TV distance as well as placing rugs on the floor.

Everyone wants a place that is more than just a place to live and instead offers a home experience. If you are a student, you need a place that supports your learning, provide you with the amenities that you need and allows you to live a healthy lifestyle.  

In that case, a few residences like UC Davis apartments can sustain your lifestyle as well as support your smart living and everything in between. If you cannot DIY, then choose a residence that has everything done for you.


Why You Should Use A Weighted Blanket

Why You Should Use A Weighted Blanket

I was recently sent a weighted blanket by CMFRT to try out.  I chose the 12 lb blanket. The rule of thumb is 10% of your body weight. I figured my kids could try it also. When I tell people about a weighted blanket they automatically think it’s going to be hot and you will sweat.  Oddly enough it didn’t make me hot at all. There are many reasons why a weighted blanket is something that some people should use. According to their website weighted blankets help with everything below. 

  1. Naturally increase levels of relaxation with Serotonin and Melatonin release
  2. Help reduce stress and anxiety levels by lowering Cortisol levels
  3. Minimize fidgeting, anxiousness and other ADHD effects
  4. Sleep longer and better with a “warm hug” feeling
  5. Reduce symptoms of other sensory and sleep disorders including Insomnia, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Autism, Restless leg syndrome and others.

*(Psychology Today) Link:


My son could never sleep well since he was little so I thought I would let him try it also. I used it the first night and loved it. I didn’t think I would like it so much because I didn’t really think I needed it until I tried it.  I slept so hard and deep with it I was shocked. I have been telling everyone about it. After trying it I think most people need one.  You won’t realize how beneficial it is till you try it.  If you have a child that is restless at night I highly suggest you buy one.  I let my son try it and now I am ordering another one because he liked it so much.  I told my husband that I am going to buy one for everyone on my Christmas list next year.  They come in different sizes and weights.  Check out the entire product list on their website.  They are also on Instagram





6 Ways to Keep Yourself Looking Young

6 Ways to Keep Yourself Looking Young

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We all want to stay looking young.  Unfortunately, the majority of potions we put on our skin tend to be superficial quick fixes that don’t provide sustainable benefits.  Indeed, prevention is often the best cure in terms of ensuring you remain youthful looking, yet a lot of it does, unfortunately, come down to genes and facial structure.  

The good news is that this article isn’t just skin deep, it’s all about natural things you can do to keep looking and feeling younger; a life of more energy and vitality.  If you’re looking to upgrade your appearance these six tips will help you in your quest to look more vibrant and radiant this summer.



Experts recommend we have between six and nine hours sleep each night.  If you’re a light sleeper then you might want to consider hypnotherapy or guided relaxation audio books to ensure you’re getting the deep sleep you require, where your brain frequency slows down sufficiently to fully replenish and repair you body.

It might be worth looking into Feng Shui too, as you can have the most amazing furniture for a bedroom but if qi is flowing in a way that is counterproductive to sleep it might be worth considering this ancient practice.


It can take up to 6 weeks to feel the effects of getting a good night’s sleep, but once you do, you will see a reduction in the dark circles around your eyes and will feel a profound increase in your energy levels.  


A good way to make sure you fall asleep on time is to slowly wind down your evening.  Try not to watch TV, or be on your phone or laptop, just before going to bed; many experts recommend reading from a book (not a backlit digital device) as a good way to wind down.


We all know it’s important to moisturise and replenish our skin on a daily basis to keep it soft and looking young, you might therefore want to consider moisturising with a natural and organic product like aloe vera.  However, moisturisation isn’t the only aspect of skin care; it’s important you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful, and ageing rays, with a safe sunscreen.  A further consideration, if you wear make-up, is that you remove the make up each night in order to avoid clogged pores.


We are often keen to reach for a magic cream to replenish our skin without realising that our skin is an external representation of our internal biology.  If you want younger looking more radiant skin (and hair) then ensure you’re eating plenty of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils that will enrich your body with important nutrients to replenish skin and hair.   



Getting up and doing some cardiovascular exercise doesn’t mean you have to turn yourself into a gym bunny; this could be as simple as starting your day off with a brisk walk, going for a little cycle each day or getting a decent swim in a few times a week.  There’s a lot of talk about how household chores, in particular gardening, can be good for you fitness which is true but shouldn’t be a substitute for focused exercise.


Not only does exercise help keep you lean, and mentally sharp, it has been proven to boost your energy levels which will ensure you feel young as well as look younger.  If you don’t fancy going to your local gym, then head out for a walk or run with your music or get a group of friends together in order to motivate each other.



Very few of us drink enough water, on a daily basis, yet drinking water is absolutely vital for the function of all our organs… and in particular, staying hydrated really helps our skin, as dehydration often leads to tired looking dull skin.  In fact, did you know that one of the causes for dark circles around your eyes is due to dehydration – which is why they tend to be much more pronounced when hungover.



Getting a trendy haircut isn’t only great for your self-esteem and personal pride, it’s a fantastic way to look and feel younger.  It’s important to have an age appropriate haircut, as otherwise it’ll have the opposite effect – and, depending on your age, it could make you look like you’re the victim of a midlife crisis.  Keeping on top of your personal appearance is one of the most fundamental things you can do to look and feel younger.



In a similar vein to keeping your hairstyle current and on trend, it’s important to choose your wardrobe wisely – as the clothes you wear are a reflection of who you are on the inside; and remember like attracts like – if you wear fun, bold and vibrant clothes you’ll attract fun, bold and vibrant people.


There are, however, two camps when it comes to fashion; those that care and those that don’t… many readers will find themselves leaning toward the camp of not caring so much but there’s a good analogy for fashion which is relevant to both camps.  


Picture yourself going to a trade show, where there’s lots of stands all bidding for your attention – several of the stands look very basic, boring and simple (you probably pass these by) whereas the stands that are colourful, interesting, and different grab your attention and absorb you.  


That’s the power of the clothes we wear; if you’re wanting to grab people’s attention (in a positive or negative way) then you can do that with the clothes you wear – but similarly, you can blend in and remain unnoticed.  


Don’t underestimate the power of fashion, and try not to limit yourself to thinking of fashion as something reserved for the catwalk.  You are a walking billboard conveying a message to the world of who you are on the inside!

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Overcoming the Struggles of Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Overcoming the Struggles of Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Most people are aware that being healthy can improve their overall quality of life. They also understand the need to eat nutritious foods, exercise, and take care of their physical and mental well-being to live a healthier lifestyle. However, making these changes, when you’re used to certain habits and routines, is easier said than done. If you’ve been having a hard time adjusting to healthier living for you and your family, these tips may give you the boost you need.

Break Down the Big Picture

What is it you wish to improve about your health? Are you looking to lose weight, exercise more, eat better foods, or recover from an illness like diabetes and high blood pressure? Once you have a clear understanding of what you want, you can better create steps towards achieving them.

Let’s say you want to lose 50 lbs. It would be unrealistic and also be discouraging to try setting a goal of losing all that weight in a month. However, it is possible to lose the weight in 6 months to a year. Dividing 50 by the number of weeks in a year would mean you’d need to lose 1lb per week or more to meet that goal. This is a lot more realistic, and therefore, more obtainable for the average person.

Find Something That Works for You

If you were to conduct online research about living a healthier lifestyle you’d find a bunch of different methodologies, diet programs, exercise routines, and ways of reaching those goals. What works for some, may not work for all. For example, one person may find going to the gym to be the best way for them to get in shape, while another may decide to join a dance class. Some may opt to continue trying to live healthier by taking the DIY route, while others may prefer the coaching, meal plans, support, and advice they get from an online diet program.

The more uninterested you are in something the harder it will be for you to make the changes. Therefore, it is best to find a plan that works for you. When you enjoy what you’re doing and it easily fits into your lifestyle, it is a lot easier to stay motivated to make the change.

Get Support

When you’re making a life change that challenges your day to day life, it can be helpful to rely on the support of others. Whether it be friends and family members or other people you know who are trying to improve their health, there is comfort in knowing someone knows what you’re going through. They can provide words of encouragement, give accounts for their own experiences, and when you need it, be right by your side going through the process with you.

Chart Progress

Another obstacle that many have when trying to lose weight or live a healthier life is seeing the difference or reward for their efforts. You’ve cut out most sugary drinks but still haven’t lost weight or you’ve been at the gym daily but don’t seem to be getting results outside of the aches and pains from working out. This can be discouraging and push you back to your old ways.

The truth is, however, for most people, the progress won’t be visible right away. One way to see the results faster would be to chart your progress. Taking photos of yourself every month, for instance, can show you how you’re slimming down even when you can’t see the difference in the mirror. This would encourage you to keep going despite what tricks your mind may be playing on you.

Being healthy is something everyone should want. It is also something that everyone can achieve with discipline, motivation, structure, and change. If you’ve been struggling with feelings of defeat, lack of progress (or progress you can see), or simply can’t seem to wrap your mind around the idea of making huge lifestyle adjustments, you are encouraged to use the advice above. It can help to remove some of the biggest barriers, giving you the boost you need to succeed.