One thing that we all want to do as parents is to instil a sense of right and wrong in our kids. No matter what religion we are, we all want our children to have an intrinsic sense of what they should and should not be doing in this world. More and more these days, climate change is an important topic, so it makes sense that you should introduce the issue of being eco friendly to your kids as soon as possible so they grow up with an understanding of its importance. This should even be a factor when you’re decorating their rooms – here are some tips on how to make them planet friendly…

Choose Nurturing Colours

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If you want your child to grow up with a good understanding of nature, then why not bring early, natural colours into their rooms? Paint the walls a calming shade of blue or maybe yellow, or green, maybe the most earthy, natural colour of all, and make sure that you use paint that’s free of toxins. If you want to add decorations and embellishments then go for more colours that can be found in nature like bright jewel tones that can be found in flowers. Use bright, pretty pictures of flowers and animals to decorate the walls. You could even put up posters of endangered animals like polar bears and tigers so your child grows up with a good understanding of natural beauty.

Choose Sustainable Furniture

Make sure that you go for furniture made out of natural materials like wood and metal rather than plastic. If you’re looking for big pieces of furniture, make sure you go for quality that will last a long time like kids’ cabin beds from Cuckooland, rather than plastic that will fall apart quickly and that won’t be sustainable. Look around for good quality used furniture that you can buy at second hand stores or on Craigslist. If you do need to use plastic, make sure that the materials that you use are free of toxins such as BPA, Phthalates, and PVC – these are banned in some countries and shouldn’t be around children.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting


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First of all, make sure that you use sunlight and natural daylight as much as you can in your child’s room. Make sure that you open the curtains and blinds every morning – not only will this provide important Vitamin D for your kids, but it’ll also help to lower your energy bill. (Make sure you tie up the blind cords so your child can’t reach them!) Another way to lower your bills is by switching to LED bulbs in the electric light fittings. Not only will they last for longer but they also use considerably less energy.

Use Recycled Items

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If you want to get a mobile, try to get one that’s made out of recyclable materials like felt, along with wall hangings made out of natural cotton and decorations made from ceramic, along with a corkboard to pin favourite pieces of art or photographs. You could also use antiques to brighten up the room – look through antiques and thrift stores for interesting kid-friendly pieces.


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