When you live an eco-friendly life, it’s only natural that you would want to pass on these beliefs and this lifestyle onto your children. Of course, most parents let their children choose how they want to live their life and don’t pressure them if it’s not what they want to do. But by taking action early on in your child’s life, you can at least steer them towards hopefully becoming ecologically conscious. As it is the younger generation who will soon be responsible for the survival of the planet, instilling these values in your children could end up being beneficial for the whole world, not just your child themselves. Here are some ways you can get them interested in organic living and being an all-round friend to the environment.

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Talk to them

Kids are more intelligent that we give them credit for, and from a young age your child will be able to understand various analogies regarding harming or not harming the planet. For example, if you buy children’s toys from http://www.makaboo.com/organic-baby-gifts , explain to your child in simple terms that their toys are so great because they don’t damage the planet and the animals. Sustainability is a complex subject matter even for many adults, so don’t stress too much about explaining the ins and outs of it to your child. All that really matters is that they have a grasp of the importance of being kind to the planet. Make simple links for them that you can expand on later – encourage them to throw their plastic waste in trash cans. If they ask you why, explain that throwing it down a drain or littering it has the potential to harm animals.

Make green-living part of everyday family life

If you want your child to grow up eco-friendly, you are going to have to practice what you preach! Recycle your materials every week, and you can even do the same with food if you have room for a compost pile. Shop organically whenever you can and try and make your home as energy efficient as possible. If your child grows up with this kind of behavior they will simply see it as second nature, and will continue it throughout their own lives too.

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Spark their love for the natural world

Animals always tend to fascinate young children – and if you really want them to care about the planet, instilling a love of all living creatures into them is a great way to get them started. If your child shows an interest in animals, nurture this interest. Let them watch nature programs (although be careful that it doesn’t show anything too brutal) and take them to zoos or wildlife parks. Many of these parks are conservation areas that are places to learn just as much as they are places to have fun, so taking your child there can really help to broaden their minds. Having animals of your own can also be great for your child as they are growing up, so you might want to consider getting a couple of pets.