It’s about that time of year that kids are already tired of their same ole lunch at school. My daughter already said that she doesn’t want a sandwich anymore. I have been trying to come up with ideas for lunch that doesn’t include a sandwich. Here are some ideas that you can use and can be mixed around to change things up.

Yogurt: I always look for a gluten free one.

Hummus with carrots: They do offer gluten free hummus if your looking for that option

Hard Boiled Eggs: I suggest putting them in a container instead of a bag to avoid them smelling and use a ice pack

Vegetables With A Dip: Broccoli, Carrots whatever they like. My daughter likes Grape tomatoes so I only out that in there.

Soup: Make it the night before and just reheat in the morning.

Popcorn: I buy the small bags of Skinny Pop and also use it as a snack

Rolled up Turkey: As an additional protein.

Fruit: grapes, cut up apples sprinkled with cinnamon, whatever you know they will eat.

Cheese: I include any kind but a processed cheese like American. You can buy a small block of swiss cheese and cut it up into slices. This could be an opportunity to let them try out different cheeses.