How To DIY Your Own Wedding

How To DIY Your Own Wedding

Many brides and grooms are choosing to DIY their own weddings with the help of friends and family. You can save some time and money by doing the big day preparations yourself. Moreover, cramming your weekends full of wedding planning activities will give you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality with your friends and family.


Unless you are a talented tailor, you should leave the wedding dressmaking to the experts. If you are shopping online for wedding dresses such as bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaid gowns from Azazie, make sure that you get the best. Here are some tips that will help you to DIY your wedding:


You should invite some of your friends who love the crafts to help you design some wedding stationery. If you are designing some invitations or save the date cards, you should hand make them individually or use the computer. When making your own stationery, you can create the design that you have always wanted and make it as personal as you want.


When it comes to wedding food, you can bake your own cake if you are good at baking. Just make sure that you set aside enough time before the wedding for baking and decorating the cake. Doing so will help you to avoid last minute stress. If you do not have time to decorate the cake yourself, you should write a set of instructions and ask a friend to do it for you.


Depending on your wedding venue, you can do the cooking yourself. If you want to save money, you should leave breakfast to the professionals and cook the evening meals. You can also ask your friends and family members to bring a dish to the reception if you do not have the time to cook a whole buffet.


If you are willing to learn how to choose and arrange flowers, you should head to the local flower market and ask for advice from the florists. Buying and arranging the wedding flowers for yourself can help you to save money. You are going to need some pretty ribbons and vases to pull off this part.


If you do not want to spend money on flowers, you can pluck them from your garden or a friend’s garden. This means that you have to choose blooms that are in season at the time of the wedding. However, if you have your heart set on a specific set of flowers, you should probably go with a florist.


You can also create your own wedding favors to save money. You can choose to collect sweetie jars and fill them with edible gifts or bake your own pastries. If you do not want to waste time thinking about party favors, you can just order sweets in bulk.


Film Your Own Wedding

If you have already hired a photographer to capture the magical moments between you and your spouse, you might not have enough money for a videographer as well. The biggest regret that most newlyweds have is not taking videos of their wedding. You should enlist the help of a few good friends and ask them to take turns to film your big day.



Whether you want to use jars and candles or centerpieces to decorate your wedding, you have endless possibilities from which you can choose. Just make sure that you choose a theme and stick with it.

DIYing your own wedding is something that will save money. If you follow the above tips, you can have the wedding of your dreams for much cheaper.

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Valentine’s Lollipop Craft For Kids

Valentine’s Lollipop Craft For Kids

This is a very easy and cute craft kids will love to do and it’s perfect for Valentines Day.  Most of the Valentines’s Day decorations are out in the stores now so I bought the Valentines bucket and styrofoam ball at Joanne Fabrics.
The first picture shows what you need to do. Take the styrofoam ball and hot glue it around the edge of the pot or bucket. Then you just plug in suckers tight in till it’s completely covered. I used dum dum suckers but there are a lot of choices out there. You can probably find some heart shaped suckers.  If you think the white styrofoam ball will show with the type of suckers you are using , you may want to consider pray painting the ball first.  Just let it dry completely and then plug the suckers in.

The second picture shows it finished. It does take several bags of suckers. It’s a cute gift idea for a teacher for Valentines day or nice for a birthday party centerpiece.  It’s pretty inexpensive to make and you can just keep refilling the suckers in the same holes as time goes on. 

Cut and Keep These Fun Paper Crafts for Kids

Cut and Keep These Fun Paper Crafts for Kids

It can seem like a constant battle to keep the kids occupied. You don’t just want to put them in front of a screen, but sometimes they struggle to entertain themselves. If you want to help make sure they don’t get bored, it’s helpful to provide them with some things to do. On a rainy day, staying inside and doing some crafts is ideal. Paper crafts are often the perfect option. You only need some paper or card to get started, and perhaps a couple of other items. They’re usually safe activities that the kids can do unsupervised too, as long as you don’t mind a little mess. Try out these crafts for a fun time with the kids.


By Cards and Doodles on Flickr


Card Making

Making cards is always fun, and there’s always some reasons you can find to give them. Maybe it’s Christmas, someone’s birthday, or a new baby in the family. You can also encourage the giving of cards just because, as a sweet way to show affection. There are all sorts of things the kids can do when they’re making cards, from cutting and sticking to drawing and breaking out the glitter. Some robust card is often best, but paper will do in a pinch. Employ a range of other materials too and even consider making some 3D designs or perhaps even some pop-up cards.

Paper Mache

Paper mache is a great craft for using up any paper you’ve got and for getting a bit messy too. It works well with newspaper because it’s thinner, but you can use other paper. All you need to do is get some glue and start layering paper and glue over a mold. Balloons are great if you want to make anything round, giving you the ability to make it any size you want, as well as easily remove it by popping it. You can experiment with all kinds of shapes, but this might be one craft that requires supervision.

By Miguel on Pexels



Origami might not immediately seem like the ideal paper craft for kids. It can be fiddly, which makes it hard for small fingers. But the fact that it can be a little tricky is great for developing dexterity and accuracy. There are plenty of easier projects to try too. If you want to try some origami, thin origami paper is best. If you use thicker paper, a couple of folds in you’ll be wishing you had something thinner. Try starting with these origami crane instructions to make an iconic origami figure. Once the kids have got the hang of it, they’ll love making them again and again in different colors. Slightly larger pieces of paper can make it easier.

Holiday Decorations

There’s always a holiday around the corner. Holiday crafts are a great way to get the kids excited and keep them occupied. Paper decorations have long been a favorite kids craft, so why not keep the tradition alive? Paper chains are easy to make, but there are so many other shapes and designs you can try. Try cutting out some decorations to hang on strings or stick around the house, or maybe to hang on your Christmas tree.

If all you have is some paper and glue or scissors, there’s still so much you can do with the kids. Give them some crafts, and they’ll have plenty of creative fun.

Fall Crafts

Fall Crafts

Fall is one of the best times to spend with the family. The night are colder, and there’s nothing quite like spending quality time with your children. As the nights draw in, and the season becomes wet, you’re going to need to find ways to keep your kids entertained. Crafts are the perfect solution to this. Not only can you make some cool additions to your house, but it’s a great way to bond. It’ll teach your kids hands on skills, and keep their brains engaged, rather than them being in front of the TV all the time. Here are some great crafts ideas to bring the whole family some fun.


We’ll start with the easiest first. Now fall has hit us, the leaves have started to drop. Go out on a nature walk, and pick you the prettiest one’s you can find. This one is a great way to combine fun with exercise as an added bonus! Grab a piece of A3 paper when you’re home, and some brown and dark orange paint. Simply get your children to arrange the leaves on the paper and glue them down. To fill the gaps, get them to dunk their hands in the paint and imprint all over the paper. What you’ll be left with is one colourful memory of a fun filled day. You might hate the mess, but this is the part your children will love the most!

This one’s going to be a tricky one, that you’ll find yourself doing most of.It’s a homemade coffee table. You’ll need some wood, a chainsaw, a normal saw, and a hot glue gun. Grab about two large thick planks of wood from your local DIY store, as well as one big square piece. Measure and mark every 55cm. Then, if you don’t have a chainsaw, check out this site because you will need one. You need a straight sharp cut that the chainsaw can provide. Cut through each mark. Then decide how far apart your want the four leg pieces, and cut a square out of your big square piece to cover the top. Thoroughly sand down all pieces of wood and apply a coat of gloss. Glue together the pieces so it stands as a coffee table. This is where you can get your children to help. You can paint the table whatever colour you’d like!

This one’s halloween themed, and the kids can help all the way through. Creating some hanging bats to either put in the house, or on the front door is the perfect way to add a bit of spookiness. You’ll need to grab some black card to begin with. Cut a template of a bat out of the card. Grab a some white paint and get your children to draw on some eyes, and even some fangs. Put a hole in the bottom of each bat and feed some string through. You can then hang these throughout the house, or on the front door, and scare any visitors

Have a Homemade Holiday Season!

Have a Homemade Holiday Season!


Now that fall is well and truly underway, it isn’t going to be long before we are seeing all things for the holidays popping up in stores and in our neighborhoods. But if you’re looking to have a more frugal holiday season this year, then now is the time to start preparing for it. Some projects can take a while to make. So starting now will mean that they are ready in time for Christmas.


If you’re looking to have a bit more of a homemade holiday season than ever before, then here are some fun things that you can start working on now, or look to make as we get closer to December. Have you got any other suggestions of things that you love to make at this time of year?



Gifts in a Jar


Collect Mason jars or old jam jars over the next few weeks, and you’ll be able to make plenty of cute gifts for friends or neighbors. The thing with gifts in a jar is that they are so versatile, so it works for everyone. In some, you could put all of the ingredients for cookies or brownies. They work well for friends and teachers. In others, you could put in a few little bits for a home manicure, like fingernail polish, a nail file, some nail gems, and cotton balls, for example. Others could have the ingredients to make your own holiday hot chocolate, with marshmallows and chocolate tips as toppings, for instance. The options are endless!



Use Nature To Decorate


If you want to keep this holiday season much less commercialized than you’ve had before, then there is no better place to look, than to nature. Instead of buying artificial wreaths or decor for your home, why not make your own with what you can find outside? This is why now is the time, because you can look for things like holly or seasonal leaves that you want to use. Team with some burlap cloth, dried orange segments, and sticks of cinnamon, and you’ve got some great things to get creative with.



Sew and Knit Your Own Christmas Sweater


I don’t think we are going to get very far without seeing Christmas sweaters all over the place. They are going to be around for many years to come! But why not get one just as you like, by making your own? If you’re an avid knitter, then this could be a nice way for you to enjoy the holiday season. If you’re not, then you might need to look up a knitting and sewing website to get some tips and tricks, as well as supplies. You could make gifts for others using your skills too. How about sewing an apron or making some holiday style bunting with your sewing machine? Again, the options are endless.



Photo Gifts


To make something extra special for a loved one, then how about photo gifts for them? Getting photos printed out for them, as well as mounted and framed, can be a lovely touch. And with so many of our photos online these days, it will be nice for them to have them printed out, as they might not do that for themselves.

Fun Summer Crafts and DIY’s for Tweens

Fun Summer Crafts and DIY’s for Tweens

Fun Summer Crafts and DIY’s for Tweens

Summer is a time when most tweens are out of school. This means great family trips, and more time to hang out with friends. However, summer is also the time that the phrases ‘I’m bored’, and ‘There’s nothing to do’ is heard more than normal. Instead of hearing these phrases over and over again, we have rounded up some of the best summer crafts and diy’s for tweens.

1. Fruit Juice Slushies
Slushies are something that kids love. Most of the time they are not that healthy and they can also be expensive. You can easily make your own at home. All you will need is a blender and these ingredients:
1 cup of fruit juice
1 ½ cups of cold water
4 cups of ice.
You just need to place all the ingredients in a blender, and then blend until it is smooth. Pour into four glasses, and serve with straws. The slushies can be frozen and re-blended if they are not going to be drunk before they melt.

2. Make Your Own Lip Balm
Lip balm is something that everyone has in their bag. However, lip balm is not something that is only for winter weather because hot summer days can also dry out your lips. Once you learn how to make lip balm, you can easily make thousands of unique lip balm flavours. Here is how to make your own lip balm.

You will need:

-4 Tablespoons Coconut Oil, or other liquid oils like Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, or Olive oil
-3 Tablespoons Beeswax Pellets
-2 Tablespoons Shea Butter
-Essential Oils or Flavor Oils

In a container that is microwave safe, melt the oil, Shea butter, and beeswax. This should be done using 30-second increments and stir after each time. Once the ingredients are melted, stir in the essential oils or the flavored oils that you want. Then you just need to carefully pour the lip balm into pots or tubes. The lip balms should be allowed to cool completely before using. The cooling process can be sped up by placing the pots or tubes in the fridge for a few hours.

3. Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs are a bath product that took off thanks to Lush. There are many recipes online that show how to make your own make bath bombs, and the one below is a basic recipe that you can add your own touch to. These bath bombs take no time at all. There is also the option of turning a kiddie pool into a large bubble bath if you use enough bath bombs. Just make sure to ask before you start putting bath bombs in any pool. Here is how to make your own bath bombs.
-2 cups of baking soda
-1 cup of citric acid
-1 cup of corn starch
-3 Teaspoons of almond oil
-2 to 3 drops of essential oils
-8 to 10 drops of food coloring.
– Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.
In a large bowl, add all the dry ingredients and stir well. Then combine the almond oil and the essential oils. Slowly add the oil to the dry ingredients, you should be sure to mix the ingredients as you go because you do not want the mixture to become lumpy. Add the food coloring when you are mixing in the oils. Then spray the mixture with the rubbing alcohol 5 to 10 times, or until it has the texture of damp sand, so it should stick together. This can take a few tries.
Once you have the right texture, you will need to form your bath bombs. There are many household items that you can use as molds. Simply press the mixture into the mold, and allow it to dry. Most times, this will take 15 minutes, and you can remove the bath bomb from the mold. It is recommended that you let the bath bomb sit overnight to make sure that it is completely dry before throwing it in water.

4. Mermaid Necklace
Summer is the time when most girls want to be a mermaid. There are many mermaid crafts and DIYs to pick from, but these necklaces are easy to make and look similar to the ones that Ariel wears. All you need is seashells, glitter glue, hot glue and hot glue gun, glass gems, hemp cord, glitter, scissors, and a drill. If you do not live by the ocean, you can buy fake seashells at most craft stores.
The first step is to drill holes in seashells. This should be done by an adult because it is easy to break the shells if the drill is going too fast. Once the shells have holes in them, they can be decorated. Each shell should have a glass gem glued to the middle of it. This is best done with hot glue because it will adhere to the gem faster. You should do the gluing very carefully to make sure that you do not burn yourself. You should also avoid gluing the gem over the hole in the shell. When the gem has adhered to the shell, glitter glue and glitter can be used to decorate the shell. You need to allow the decoration to completely dry before threading the hemp cord through the hole. You could also paint the shells before drilling holes in them. To finish the necklace, you just need to tie simple slip knots.

5. DIY Mason jar Tumblers
Tumblers can save you money on both hot and cold drinks, depending on where you are buying your drinks. The issue is that most Mason jar tumblers are over $10, but you can easily make your own. You will just need to find a Mason jar. Most craft stores and even dollar stores have started to stock plain Mason jar tumblers in a variety of sizes. You will also need Modge Podge, painter’s tape, and Spray Paint. Glitter is optional.
The first step is to make sure that the jar is clean, then mark off the area that you want to paint with the painter‘s tape. Next, you spray paint the jar and allow it to dry. Depending on the spray paint, you may need to layer the paint to make it opaque.
Once the paint is dry, you can rub on the vinyl letters, which can be found at craft stores or you can buy them online. Rubbing on the lettering can take some work because the jar could have a bumpy surface. You can seal the paint and the lettering using Modge Podge. If you want glitter on your tumbler, you can mix it with the Modge Podge, and apply it to the cup. You can also use chalk paint on your tumbler to allow you to write on the cup.

6. Custom Luggage Tags
For many families, summer time means traveling, so there is going to be luggage. Custom luggage tags can make it easier to find your luggage. To make your own custom luggage tags, you will need a clear luggage tag (which can be found at most luggage stores, and some dollar stores), scissors, decorative paper, stickers, and other decorative flat items.
You just need to trace the clear luggage tag on the decorative paper. Then cut out the traced tag, which should fit inside of the luggage tag. You may need to trim the paper. Once the paper tag fits inside the clear luggage tag, you can start decorating the tag. When you are done decorating your tag, you should print your information on the back and attach it to your luggage.
Summer time for tweens can be very boring, but it can also be full of activities to do. The crafts described above are just some ideas to help you keep your tweens from being bored.