Oral B : Just in time for Halloween, Americas Toothfairy is having a campaign to promote awareness to children’s oral health. They are using donations to create awareness and bring products and education to children who may not be able to afford to go to a dentist.  Their program is accepting donations that go toward cleaning, and other oral care to children in need.    According to America’s tooth fairy, “There are millions of kids suffering painful, sleepless nights, unable to concentrate in school or even eat properly because of pediatric dental disease….more commonly known as tooth decay”.

To donate to their campaign visit this link 

I was sent a kids Oral B ProHealth For Me electronic toothbrush with replaceable brush heads to have one of my kids try out .  The Oral B is a high quality electronic toothbrush that will last a long time.  It will clean your child’s teeth a lot better that regular manual brushing.  Especially good for children that don’t like to brush,they will actually like using this toothbrush.  I gave it to my daughter who is prone to cavities to use and she loves using it. She likes that it is electronic.  The Oral B for kids and the replaceable heads are available at Walmart for a great price.