Just like the vast majority of parents out there, you probably like letting your kids out into the garden as much as possible. The fresh air, space, and being close to nature are all beautiful things that can help your little ones thrive, after all. However, is your garden actually as safe as you think it is? Some significant dangers are lurking in every backyard in the country, and unless you are making regular safety checks, it can be easy to miss the most obvious things. Let’s take a look at the garden dangers you need to be watching out for.


Bacteria isn’t just restricted to the inside of your home – there’s plenty outside, too. Legionellosis bacteria, for example, can be deadly and can occur in any place in your garden that is damp, such as decorative fountains, water features, hot tubs and even potted, watered plants. The scary thing about this nasty bacteria is that you don’t even have to get wet – you and your family could end up breathing it in via microscopic water droplets that float in the air. It’s worth getting any source of water tested once in awhile by a professional – experts suggest at least every couple of years.


Water danger

There are other inherent dangers with water features in your garden, too. Drowning is, unfortunately, a lot more common than you might think, so if you have a hot tub or pool, find out more about pool covers and try and find the best one for your garden that ensures your kid’s safety. Consider your ponds, too – perhaps fit a grate over them until your little ones are old enough to take care of themselves.



Weakened trees

We all love the idea of having trees in our garden, and the kids will love them too – especially if they can climb them. However, you need to keep a close eye on the health of your trees. They can fall a lot more often than you might think, and if they catch a disease, they can often get weak – starting with the branches. And if your children are climbing, even the nursery rhymes know what happens when the little bough breaks.



I’ve written before about the dangers of sandboxes, and you might be surprised to hear about their problems. Most play sand contains materials such as crystalline silica, which can cause an incredibly dangerous and incurable lung condition called silicosis. Play sand also contains a substance called asbestos tremolite, which, as you can probably work out, can lead to asbestos-caused lung cancer. No one wants this for their kids, of course, so when buying play sand be very careful about its ingredients.



We all want our children to experience wildlife close up, but we should also be careful about educating them about the dangers. Bees, wasps, and some types of flies can all cause nasty stings, of course. But depending on where you live, you might encounter everything from venomous snakes through to bears in your backyard – would your child know what to do in an event like this?


So, let everyone know – what dangers do YOU have in your garden?