I was recently send a Organic Buckwheat Hull Nursing Pillow & Cover to try out from ecomamaliving.com I sent it over to my cousin who is nursing to try out. She like that it kept the babies head cool and didn’t make her sweat. It was also lightweight and easy to clean. Made with 100% organic buckwheat hulls. All fabrics used are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and dyed with low impact dyes. Buckwheat is not a grain (it’s actually part of the rhubarb family) and is of no relation to wheat. It is safe for people with grain or gluten allergies. This makes a great gift that any new mom would appreciate. According to the website the pillow has a sturdy duck cloth shell that can be spot cleaned and sanitized by putting it in the dryer for 15-20 minutes. Its really a nice looking and high quality nursing pillow that any new mom would appreciate.It also has additional Uses.The Eco-Mama Nursing Pillow provides great support for bottle-feeding, or to help young children “hold” a newborn (with proper parental supervision of course). There are 2 different fabrics being offered on the website.

The Organic Buckwheat Hull Nursing Pillow & Cover retails for $64.95 (They are currently offering free shipping on the pillows) I think its well worth it.

Ecomamaliving.com offers a few other unique products like Postpartum Sitz Bath Tea and Soothing Seat Spritz. Check out their blog with some interesting articles.