I had the opportunity to try out Chalkola Chalk markers recently and here are my thoughts on it. First I like that they aren’t the old dusty type chalk that we grew up with. I still remember having to slap the chalkboard erasers together outside to clean them. These are different because its not like regular chalk these are more like markers but washable.

Kid Safe – Keeps them busy for hours
Bright & Neon Effect Colors
Works on all Non Porous surfaces
Easily Erase using a Wet Cloth
Super fun decorations
6 mm bullet tips with 8g Chalk Ink

The colors are bright and these chalk markers can be used on nearly anything.My kids and I loved using them and I especially liked that you just need a wet washcloth to wipe clean. These would be good to use on canning jars, windows, mirrors any non porous surface. Perfect for kids and parents, teachers for classroom projects and for better teaching, crafters for DIY projects.
These are sold on Amazon and are the top selling chalk markers.