I was sent out an essential carry case of my choice recently and I am really liking how durable it is. I have seen other essential oil cases on the market but they all seem to be so over priced.  Soothing Terra has the best prices for these cases that I have seen so far.  The case is really nice looking and well made and also has a pocket inside for your cards.  The material is easy to clean, I found that out after spilling sauce on it.  It wiped off easily with a rag and hot water. It has a handle and from the picture you can see it has the insert that holds all your bottles separately.  

They are having a sale on their cases so if you in the market for a case Soothingterra is your best bet.  These cases make is very simple to carry your oils around with you on vacation or even to work.  I keep mine right on the counter so I don’t have to worry about a bottle dropping and breaking, Their cases range from 12.95 to 24.99. Check out the key chain essential oil case they offer, I thought it was so convenient.   Check out their site at SoothingTerra.com