I received several boxes of different flavor toddler Mum-Mum biscuits recently to try out. I received organic strawberry rice biscuits, apple rice biscuits and banana rice biscuits. They are biscuits that a toddler can easily hold that has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They are low in fat and no trans fats. They are also gluten, lactose, eggs and peanut free. Its an ideal snack for your toddler. Being individually wrapped it makes it perfect to carry with you in your purse. I gave them to my daughter to try out and she liked the different flavors. When she was a toddler she always ate the original flavor mum-mums but didn’t get to try the strawberry banana and apple rice flavors till now.

They are easy to digest being that they are made with rice and gluten free. Great for children with digestive issues. Visit mum-mum on their site to get more information and to find out about their other products for older children like the Mum Mum Snax
Have you tried mum-mums? Let us know what flavor your child like the best.