Recently I was able to try out all the cleaning cloths and descaler from the company Norwex.  I wasn’t familiar with Norwex but I learned that there is a huge following of their products.  The Norwex consultant that sent me the products to try out is Carol Devroy, she has her own Norwex consultant website that you can take a look at all the products and order them directly from her site.

I was sent the:

Enviro Cloth – Use damp to clean and sanitize just about every surface in your home.

Polishing Cloth – Use dry after you’ve cleaned with the Enviro on all shiney surfaces like windows, mirrors, chrome, stainless, porcelein, etc.

Descaler – Enzyme product for removing lime and calcium buildup
Makeup Removal Cloths – Used with only water, no chemical cleansers or soap.  Effectively removes makeup and cleanses your face using only water.
At first I thought that Norwex were ordinary microfiber cloths but I learned that they are much better
Norwex manufactures antibacterial microfiber cloths for cleaning your home from top to bottom using only water.  No chemical cleaners, no paper towels, no nasty chemical smells…. just water.  Instead of killing bacteria and germs with Lysol, etc. you completely remove them from any surface in your home and wash them down the drain when you rinse the cloth.  What makes Norwex different from other microfiber (they both clean great) is that Norwex has a silver based agent embedded in the tiny fibers before the cloth is woven and therefore it has self purification properties that render the germs and bacteria useless as germs and bacteria cannot grow on a surface that contains silver.  The silver is what makes Norwex different from all other microfibers like E-CLOTH. Carol said that  “basically I now clean EVERY surface in my home with an enviro cloth, polishing cloth and dusting mit.  Windows (most impressive), mirrors, stove, counter tops, stainless fridge (inside and out), shower, sink, toilet, walls… you name it.  They make an excellent mop system as well using the antibac microfiber pads in wet and dry for mopping up dust and debris and cleaining without chemicals, only water.  So if you have babies or small children on the floor, the floor is clean, not covered with a chemical cleaner!  Streak free!”
I tried out every cloth and was impressed.  I used the Enviro cloth on my granite countertops and it worked great and left it clean and shiny with no spray cleaners.  I also liked the makeup remover cloths.  I washed my face normally and then used the cloth on my face and it picked up makeup that was left behind that my regular cleanser didn’t remove. I also tried out the descaler in my bathroom sink.  I have hard water at my house and it leaves my sink yellow. I used the descaler with the envirocloth it also worked better than the lime remover sprays I was using.  I used the envirocloth on my computer screens to remove finger prints easily.
Norwex aslo offers other products like a laundry prewash, a cleaning paste for stainless steel, aluminum, and sealed ceramics. a bathroom scrub mitt, mops and accessories.  All the cleaning cloths and mops have the silver based agent in them.  If you are looking for a chemical free way to clean your home with still killing germs these cloths and products are the best.  Visit the website   You can also check out her Norwex Facebook page to learn about different ways to use the cloths and specials.  If you use these cloths too tell me what different things you use them for.