I was sent a box of 6 individual servings of Phix Energy powder to try out. It is a powder in individual packets that you can carry around with you that you mix with water. The drink is all natural and safe unlike other energy drinks on the market. It is made with organic ingredients by a team of naturopathic physicians and licensed diatitians. It is filled with all the B vitamins, folic acid, biotin,chromium, vitamins A, C , Niacinamide, potassium and Pantothenic Acid. You can use it in the morning or before workouts and can be served hot or cold. It makes it easy to take it with you even to a restaurant and drink it. The little packs are very small and easily fit in your pocket. I first tried the Citron flavor cold and I found it to be really good. It wasn’t like the overly sweet energy drinks at the store that just give you a sugar high. There is only 36 calories in each one. and 8.9 carbs and 8g of sugar.

I let my husband try it also and liked it as well. I didn’t tell him it was an natural energy drink. He said he liked it and he is pretty picky. I tried the Tropic flavor hot and it blended well and was also just as good. There is no caffeine in these drinks so you don’t have to worry about all the negative side effects that is associated with energy drinks and caffeine. This is completely safe to drink on a regular basis. They are also Vegan and gluten free. According to the website it states that it will support immune system, gives cellular support and protection, balance blood sugar, enhances energy and clarity and helps muscle fatigue and balance. If you looking for a natural energy drink and would like someone you know to stop drinking those unsafe caffeine filled energy drinks check out Phix You can get more information and also take a look at their all-natural sleep aid on their website. You can also order right from the website. A 5 pack is on sale right now for $9.95 www.Phix.com