I was sent a bottle of Purosol Electronic cleaner to try out recently. It is used to clean plasma and LCD screens naturally and safely. Purosol is environmentally safe and free of alcohol. I was curious to try it considering in the past I used a different cleaner and ruined my last tv screen by scratching it and it was also cloudy after. I tried this out on my computer monitor first. I was not surprised but it cleaned it well with no streaking. I ended up using it on a touch screen monitor we have and all my tv’s. It removed all the fingerprints easily. Purosol is safe for children and pets and does not contain any alcohol, ammonia, detergents or solvents. It was also the winner of the 2007 National Parenting Awards for safe products in the home It is safe for monitors, touch screens, laptops, tv’s, ipods, cell phones, cameras, sunglasses, automotive displays and much more.
Visit www.Purosol.com to get more information and ordering information. Its great to keep in the house for all electronics because those harsh cleaners in the store are not suitable for electronics.