I was recently able to try out Replenish cleaner and was pleased with the results. We recently ran a giveaway for Replenish and was curious on how well it worked. I was sent a bottle of the lemon scent cleaner and first tried it out on my granite countertops. I cleaned really well and left a fresh natural scent. I liked how it left the kitchen smelling fresh and clean. The granite was clean and shiny. It wasn’t left sticky or streaked like some other cleaners on the market. You mix the cleaner yourself with water and the bottle can be reused over and over. All you need to do when the bottle is empty is just add another cleaner pod and mix with water. This is a product that I know I will continue to use.

Replenish is a a powerful concentrated pod of eco friendly cleaner that you mix with water at home.  It is non toxic, biodegradable, Ph Neutral, pet and people friendly and surface friendly.  Each pod can be used to make up to 3 bottles of cleaner.  Replenish uses the highest quality essential oils and fragrances and pods are available in Sun Lemon, Fresh Lavender, Green Tea or Clear & Scent Free.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use and how it works

With 2X the dirt-fighting power of regular cleaners and a 99% plant-based pH-Neutral formula, Replenish cleans any surface where it’s safe to spray water.
Counters, Marble, Tile, Fixtures, Stainless Steel, Glass, Floors and More

Replenish is Non-Toxic to Aquatic Life, Readily Biodegradable and made from 99% Plant-Based Ingredients (excluding water).
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Click here to find out where you can buy Replenish at http://www.myreplenish.com/where-to-buy.html