I I was sent a madii&dyl luxe cleansing flannel to try out recently. It came in a plastic zipper pouch that protects it from water and damage. It is made from eco-friendly PVA materials and it is air spun and porous free. It is super soft and can be used to cleanse your skin, wipe dry, use on your babies skin, remove cradle cap, and it dries without stripping moisture from the skin. It is perfect to keep in your purse or diaper bag. You can use it to remove your makeup. It’s a great replacement for towels for your face or child’s skin. When I tried it out I was actually surprised how soft it was. I washed my face normally and then used to cloth to wipe my skin and it pulled makeup off my skin that I thought was completely washed off. I am hooked to it now. After seeing that I can’t imagine not using it every night now. The madii&dyl luxe flannel is a favorite among celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Kelly Preston and Elka Whalen.

The flannel can be hand washed in warm soapy water or machine washed in cold. The flannel hardens when dry(preventing bacteria but regains its silky soft feel when wet. I highly recommend this cleansing flannel, I know I will be using it every day now. It can be purchased on Amazon.com You can check out all the products at madiidylan.com They also offer pillows for toddlers to transition them from a crib and growing children. Also check out the Sookie Babe newborn booster, prevents flat heads, roll overs and has self ventilated cores for maximum air flow.