Since 1991 the Mohawk Valley Trading Company has offered the highest quality organic, unprocessed and natural products. They produce: maple syrup, raw honey, beeswax, beeswax candles, natural skin care products and handmade soap.
Their honey is used and endorsed by one of the world’s most recognized chefs: Tom Colicchio.

I was sent 2 bottles of their honey, a summer honey and autumn honey, maple syrup,beeswax candle and beeswax block that I am going to use to make some lip balm. I will use it for a future post. I also received some of their handmade soap and a buckwheat pillow. I was excited to try out the products, they are completely natural. I loved the honey! My kids eat it every morning and I found it to be a really high quality honey. I also like the soap, its attractive and natural. I was already familiar with buckwheat pillows, I have used one before so I know how nice they are to sleep on. They are great to use to keep your head cool at night and they form perfectly to your head.
I think any of their products make great gifts. If you are looking for high quality honey the Mohawk Valley brand is really good and I think honey makes a great gift. They offer over 14 different types of honey. A good quality honey is something I think people should always have in their home.
I am also looking forward to making lip balm with the beeswax,I will post my recipe soon.

Check out their website they have great products for good prices. I know I will be back there for their honey and beeswax.