I was recently sent 2 boxes of Soothie Suckers to try out. Soothie Suckers a freezable pops that you give your child when they are sick with a cold or flu to help hydrate them and sooth them. They are made with herbs and all natural ingredients. My daughter tried them and loved both flavors. Soothie Suckers™ currently offers two herbal blends: Immune Support (Orange) and Nasal Support (Grape). These gentle blends were formulated in partnership with the President of the American Herbalists Guild, sweetened with organic agave nectar and monk fruit and contain no artificial ingredients whatsoever.

These are great to give to your child when they are starting to get a cold or when they are already sick. All you do when you receive them is put them in the freezer and you give one to your child like a frozen treat.
They are available at Amazon.com & drugstore.com.  These pops are nice to keep around just in case. These are different than the ones you get at the drugstore that are filled with high fructose corn syrup and unnatural ingredients.  I like these because it has ingredients that naturally help with the symptoms.

They are offering a Special Fall Discount on Amazon to all our mommy bloggers and their readers! Use coupon code NFZ8YVGN when you check out to get a 20% off discount. This special discount is good through 12/31/13.