I was contacted by Staples and was told they have a new eco friendly product line that came out using recycled material. Their new line is called Sustainable Earth. I was sent a calculator that is made out of 100% recycled casing, sample bottles of their Multi Purpose Cleaner that is ammonia free and has a neutral PH. A notebook that is made from 80% sugarcane waste. Also, some Staples 100% recycled No.10 Security envelopes. The cleaner works very well. I tried it on my countertop and it worked well and left a nice shine. We are already exposed to many different chemicals in office settings so replacing your products with these eco-friendly products are a good idea. The notebooks are great for kids to use at school also. My son had no problem taking it and using for school. A big plus is that the products are inexpensive. I was told they offer many other eco-friendly products besides the ones I mentioned. I have provided a link to their site to check out the other products they offered by Sustainable Earth.