Our new giveaway is sponsored by Sensible Foods crunch dried snacks. I was sent 2 boxes of snacks. 1 to try out and 1 to give away. My kids have been eating through our box very quickly. These snacks are great. 100% Fruit or Vegtable and Nothing Else® They are fat free, gluten free, GMO free, Certified Organic, All Natural, No preservatives, and has no added sugar. There are different flavors to choose from
Tropical Blend
Orchard Blend
Cherry Berry
Sweet Corn
Soy Nuts
Apple Harvest

They all taste great. These snacks are perfect for school snacks. Our giveaway is a box of 14 different flavored snacks. Check out their website and get more information on these great snacks. http://sensiblefoods.com/ All you need to do to enter is:

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Giveaway ends SEPTEMBER 10TH enter today!
this is a box of 16 snacks.  This giveaway is for a box of 14

My daughter eating some Sensible Snacks and loving them
Natalie eating her sensible snacks