I was recently contacted by the company called Pristinet. Pristinet is a startup company that can give you a detailed report of your local water tests and what chemicals are in your water and risks that they are to you.
They sent me a report of my local water and I was surprised on what was found in it. I can say that i’m glad I use a reverse osmosis system in my house after reading the results. If you have been wondering how safe your water is I urge you to contact this company. It takes three to four hours to customize the reports to each individual. As toxins change over seasons of the year, they are offering a subscription for four reports a year fro $80 to $100 a year. They also use certified Laboratories to spot test water samples nationwide for specific toxins.

Pristinet, is dedicated to saving our children from risks posed by dangerous toxins in our drinking water. Pristinet offers a toxin monitoring, research, and reporting service to concerned parents on the toxins in their local tap water. We also take water samples to verify data reported by water utilities, state, and federal government. The reports guide parents to the filtering options to remove toxins in tap water, showers and baths. They also provide a map with information on ground water contamination from chemical discharges by businesses and government in the neighborhood. Their research is based on the best available data sources and sometimes their own measurements.

Contact them today for your report. Email them at Contact@Pristinet.com

Visit Pristinet on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GoPristinet