Two Under Two? Here’s How You Can Make Life Easier

Two Under Two? Here’s How You Can Make Life Easier



Two : Looking after one baby is difficult enough, but when you have two little ones, it is likely to be one of the most demanding times of your life. Maybe you have twins, or perhaps you just had your babies close together- either way, two under two is no walk in the park. Not that it doesn’t come with a plus side, instead of starting again with another baby in a few years you get all of the hardest part out of the way all at once and within a couple of years can settle into a much more laid back lifestyle! But for now, here’s how you can make life easier with two kids under two.

Get The Right Stroller

The right stroller is essential when you have two little ones under the age of 2. What exactly you will need will depend on whether your children are twins or varying ages. Check out the Caboose Sit and Stand stroller by Joovy for example, something like this would be ideal if you have a new baby and a fussy toddler who you’re taking out together! Plenty of space for the essentials that you need with 2 babies is also a must.

Sync Up Naps

If both babies are sleeping at separate times, it will leave you no time to get anything done. As soon as one is going down, the other will be waking up. Syncing up naptimes can make life much easier, this can be done once your younger child reaches around six months.

Hire Some Help

Two young kids mean double the laundry, double the dishes, double the toys. As a busy parent with a million and one things to do already, keeping on top of the house too can be a bit of a struggle. One or 2 days a week, how about hiring a cleaner or someone to help with laundry? It can take a huge weight off your mind and check off a couple of things off your never-ending checklist.

Make Some Time For You

While this might seem like an impossible task with 2 little ones, it’s so important to avoid burnout. Even just an hour or 2 for a hot bath and pamper session can make you feel a lot more relaxed and like yourself again. You could go out for a meal with your partner or even just put your feet up and have a takeaway without having to worry about the kids for an evening. You could hire a babysitter, or ask friends and family to help. If you and your partner are lucky enough to both sets of parents, how about them looking after one child each? Perfect if 2 young kids at a time is a bit too much for them. While it might only be a once in a blue moon situation if the chance does come up grab it with both hands and don’t feel guilty. You deserve some time off every now and again.



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