5 Essential Things to Buy Before the Birth of Your Child

5 Essential Things to Buy Before the Birth of Your Child

For first-time moms, preparation is everything. Childbirth comes with numerous challenges, and you don’t want to be thinking about small essentials when the baby is already here. Knowing what to buy before the delivery day will assure an easy time after the birth of your child. You’ll able to focus on caring for your baby.

Here are some essential things you should buy before your child’s birth.

1.   Car Seat Compatible with Strollers

Spending time outdoors is not only healthy for your baby, but very important for his or her brain development. You should shop for a car seat that has multiple purposes. For instance, you can buy a car seat that is compatible with baby strollers. This will make things easier because you can use it as a stroller after driving to any destination.

You also need to buy a lightweight and flexible stroller that can be used by a newborn, but also serve them as they grow bigger.

2.   Baby Clothes

There are different types of baby clothes you need to buy before the delivery date. These include:

  • Baby pajamas– You need to get some PJs that protect the baby against the umbilical cord stub during the first few weeks.
  • Burp cloths– Your newborn needs to burp after every meal, which can be messy on adult and baby clothes. Buy a burp cloth to place on your shoulder or lap for a mess-free burp.
  • Warm and light clothes– It’s crucial to keep the baby warm during cold weather by dressing them in some soft, comfortable and warm clothes. You also need some light clothes for those hot days.

3.   Good Quality Diapers

Stocking some newborn diapers is necessary when preparing to give birth. Whether you’re considering cloth or disposable diapers, you need to have some in your hospital bag and at home. However, don’t stock too many diapers for your newborn. This is because babies grow fast and they might outgrow the size of diapers you have in stock.

The quality of diapers is also vital. Poor quality diapers or cloths can cause rashes on your baby’s skin or other serious skin infections.

4.   Sleeping Essentials

If you are planning to have a bassinet or crib for your baby, you’ll need to buy it early enough. This will give you enough time to learn how to install and assemble your crib. Although your baby will outgrow his/her bassinet within a few months, it’s a very convenient sleeping place for middle-of-the-night feedings. You can place it next to your bed to save bed space.

Ensure you buy some soft, warm and comfortable blankets for your baby. The sleeping area should be as cozy as possible to give your newborn the best sleeping experience.

Something to avoid when shopping for a bassinet or crib is second-hand products. Buy new sleeping essentials to protect your newborn from diseases and other infections.

5.   Feeding Bottles and Breast Pump

A breast pump stimulates milk production during the first days after birth. It also allows moms to rest while their partners feed the newborn. You will need it whenever you want to express milk for later feeding of your child. This is especially helpful for moms who have to go back to work.

Feeding bottles are necessary when you want to feed your baby without breastfeeding. Be sure to wash them clean before re-using.

Bottom Line

Get all the supplies you will need for your newborn in good time. Create a checklist to ensure you are not leaving any of these items out and start buying early!