Guest post: The Four Things You Shouldn’t Scrimp on If You Want a Green Property

There are plenty of easy green tips around for any homeowner who wants to live a more environmentally friendly life. Some of these are very easy to carry out and cost little or no money to put into action. However, if you want a truly green property there are 4 main areas you shouldn’t scrimp on. There are all fairly sizeable investments but the benefits in cash and energy savings will be worth it.

Double Glazing

A huge amount of the heat you generate at home escapes through the windows, with some energy experts suggesting that you could see up to a third of your overall heat disappearing this way. By fitting food quality double glazing to your home you can ensure that you lose as little of this heat as possible, which will allow you to burn up less energy in order to keep the place warm in winter.

A Good Boiler

The difference between a highly efficient new boiler and an older, inefficient one is staggering. In fact, you could save several hundred pounds a year by moving to a modern boiler such as those offered by Of course, if you are determined to do more to help the planet then you will be just as delighted to see that this switch can result in more than a thousand kilograms of carbon dioxide being cut from your annual total. This is one of the fastest changes you can make, as the new boiler you order can be installed and working within a day.


The addition of cavity wall insulation and loft insulation are another couple of changes which can make a big difference in your attempts to live in a more environmentally friendly way. For example, adding just cavity wall insulation can reduce your carbon footprint by 600 kg a year and save you over a hundred pounds a year in energy bills. It can pay for itself in a year as it stops up to a third of your home’s heat loss from occurring. Loft insulation won’t give such a dramatic saving in most home but it can knock up to a fifth of the annual energy bill.

Solar Panels

One of the best ways of cutting down on the amount of energy you burn up from traditional sources is to produce your own. The addition of solar panels is a major investment but a standard installation can help you save on greenhouse gases each year which add up to the output of at least 2 cars. This approach will take longer to pay for itself than some of the others we have looked at but it is a very smart long term method of going green which simply can’t be ignored.